How liquid ring vacuum pumps work

Vacuum this industry, a wide range of USES, my company’s main product liquid ring vacuum pump, see how the liquid ring vacuum pump work, the following for everyone to introduce the working principle and flow of liquid ring vacuum pump:

How liquid ring vacuum pumps work
Liquid ring vacuum pump working principle: pump impeller eccentrically installed in the pump body. When the impeller rotates, the liquid is affected by centrifugal force, forming a rotating liquid ring on the wall of the pump body. The clearance between the end face of the impeller and the distributor is sealed by liquid. During the rotating process of the impeller in the first half turn (at this time after the suction hole), the sealed cavity volume gradually expands, and the gas is inhaled by the suction hole. During the rotation in the latter half turn (when the vent is passed), the volume of the sealed cavity is gradually reduced and the gas is expelled from the vent to complete the extraction process. In order to maintain a constant liquid ring, water must be continuously supplied to the pump during operation.

The working process of liquid ring vacuum pump: the whole process is divided into two parts, gas process and liquid process.

(1) gas flow. After the system is powered on, the pump starts to run. When the pressure difference between the two ends of the system control valve reaches 3kPa, the system control valve opens, and the gas enters the vacuum pump through the inlet pipe. After compression, the gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe to the steam separator.

(2) liquid flow. After the work fluid flows through the automatic water refills or through the bypass door into the steam separator, it is then piped to the heat exchanger for cooling. The cooled water is sent to the water ring pump, and part of the water is injected to the gas inlet into the pump. During the operation of the pump, part of the working fluid is taken away with the gas, discharged from the exhaust pipe to the steam separator, and then sent to the pump through cooling, thus forming a closed circulation system. The water level in the water separator is adjusted by automatic refillers and automatic drain valves.

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