Electric control valve of structure

Electric control valve of structure and installation points

In order to drive the valve, the electric valve is used to drive the valve. With the increasing degree of automation in the industrial field, it is more and more used in various industrial production fields. The electric control valve has obvious advantages: the electric single seat control valve is energy-saving, environmental protection, and the installation is more rapid and convenient.

Electric control valve of structure

The electric actuator of the electric sleeve regulating valve is an electronic integrated structure with a servo amplifier inside. In order to ensure that the regulating valve can work normally and make the system operate safely, before installing the new valve, it is necessary to check whether the nameplate on the valve conforms to the design requirements.

If the original control valve in the original system is overhauled, besides checking the above items, we should also check the stuffing box and the connection point of the old valve.

In the field use of control valves, many of them are not caused by the quality of the control valve itself, but by the improper installation and use of the electric control valve, such as improper installation environment, installation position and direction, or unclean pipeline.

Article 1: the electric control valve belongs to the field instrument, the ambient temperature shall be – 25 ~ 60 ℃ and the relative humidity shall be 95%. If it is installed in the open air or high temperature, waterproof and cooling measures should be taken. In the place with seismic source, it is necessary to keep away from the vibration source or increase anti vibration measures.

Article 2: the electric control valve shall be installed vertically, and can be tilted under special circumstances. If the inclination angle is large or the weight of the valve itself is too large, the valve shall be protected by supporting parts.

Article 3: the pipeline for installing electric control valve shall not be too high from the ground or floor. When the pipeline height is greater than 2m, the platform shall be set as far as possible to facilitate the operation of hand wheel and maintenance.

Article 4: before the installation of electric control valve, the pipeline should be cleaned to remove dirt and welding slag. After installation, in order to ensure that no impurities remain in the valve body, the valve should be cleaned again, that is, all valves should be opened when the medium is introduced, so as to avoid impurities jamming. After using the handwheel mechanism, it should return to the original neutral position.

Article 5: in order to make the production process continue in case of failure or maintenance of the electric control valve, the control valve shall be equipped with a bypass pipeline.

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