Rotary vane vacuum pump in small membrane oxygen

Rotary vane vacuum pump in oxygen production with small film of practical application

The invention discloses a rotary plate vacuum pump for small film oxygen production, comprising a cylinder, a piston rod and a piston, an eccentric shaft mechanism and a motor.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in small membrane oxygen

Features of rotary plate vacuum pump for small film oxygen production: Consists of two cylinders and two end cover, on both sides in the eccentric shaft mechanism with two cylinder, and the two cylinder axis is parallel, the center of the eccentric shaft body hole connected to the motor rotation axis fixed pin way, eccentric shaft periphery suit has two bearings, two bearing periphery to suit two piston rod, the two ends of the piston rod, respectively, in turn, suit a press block, piston ring, piston, piston gland, can by screwing in the piston rod end screw thread hole will press block, piston ring, piston, piston gland is fixed at the end of the piston rod, two one-way valve are embedded in the groove of the of the end cover, Two copper bent joints are fixed on the end cover seat by thread, and two sealing plugs are screwed into the end cover seat by thread. The sealing plug presses the sealing gasket between the end cover seat and the end cover seat. The end cover seat is fixed on one end of the cylinder by screw.

The rotary vacuum pump can not only improve the heat dissipation effect, but also reduce the vibration and noise in the small film oxygen production. The use of one-way valve plate food grade silicone rubber material, excellent performance, good air tightness, low cost, but also reduce the noise.

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