Biogas blower

Biogas blower of application: pneumatic conveying, water treatment, vacuum packaging, aquaculture, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power, food and other industries and departments

Biogas blower

Biogas blower daily maintenance

1. Always oil the parts. Biogas blower has some joints and rotating parts, which should be regularly oiled in the daily use process to effectively ensure the smoothness of rotation between different parts and three blade roots blower. If the body of three blade roots blower is not lubricated for a long time, the service life and working efficiency of Roots blower will be seriously affected.
2. Clean and maintain the body regularly during the use of biogas blower. After long-term use of the three leaf roots blower, some dust and dirt will fall on the body, which requires regular cleaning and maintenance by users, so as to effectively ensure the normal operation, operation and use of the biogas blower.
3. Ensure the drying and ventilation of the working environment of the biogas blower. If you work in a humid and sensitive environment, the three leaf roots blower is more likely to have some operation faults due to humidity, so you must ensure ventilation and drying in the working environment of the three leaf roots blower.

Biogas blower of specific failure reasons
1. The discharged gas contains too much water and impurities. If the content of two substances in the gas exceeds the standard, the gas is likely to produce viscous deposits, which will firmly adhere to the blades, so that the fan can not rotate; in addition, it will make the fan cavity and the static ring surface of the mechanical seal deposit a large number of slag, and ultimately affect the performance of the sealing surface. Other reasons are related to mechanical seal.
2. The mechanical seal structure designed by the designer has disadvantages. Generally speaking, the designer uses the n-type double face to carry on the mechanical seal of the blower, but the design has a lot of compression; and the O-ring structure in the static ring seat is very large, which reduces the spring elasticity of the mechanical seal to a certain extent, affects the working state of the static ring, so that it can not slide the static ring freely in the seat, resulting in the leakage of the mechanical seal.

Biogas blower noise treatment
1. Belt slipping — the belt is loose, adjust the tightness or replace.
2. The lubrication of gear or bearing is not enough. After the machine is shut down, add oil or gear grease.
3. Foreign matters inside the fan or collision of fan impeller, check the inside of the fan after closing.
4. The outlet of the fan or take care of the leakage, check the cause of the leakage after the shutdown and screw it down again.
5. Check valve or pressure relief valve for failure, check the cause of failure, repair or replace.
6. Check the pressure gauge and working conditions to eliminate the cause of abnormal pressure rise.
7. Loose connecting bolts and other reasons – check the specific loose bolts and tighten them!

Biogas blower maintenance standard
1. The vertical tolerance of bearing and rotor shall not exceed 0.05 mm.
2. When assembling the rotor, the deviation of newspaper parallelism at both ends must not be greater than 0.02mm, and the deviation of parallelism between the end face and the plate surface shall not be greater than 0.05mm. When the direction of fan inlet and outlet is constant with the position of main shaft, the space of rotor pressure angle is constant. The adjustment must be made at two positions of the rotor horizontal line at an angle of 45 °. The rotor space of different models is different.
3. The dynamic and static balance of the rotor must be checked.
4. The rotor shall be free of blisters, pores and other defects.

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