Evaporation concentration vacuum pump

Evaporation concentration is a common chemical operation method and wastewater treatment method. What is the function of evaporation concentration? Which vacuum pumps are suitable for evaporation concentration?

I. principle of concentration

Evaporation is often used to concentrate the solution to a certain concentration, making other processes more economical and reasonable.

Concentration refers to the evaporation of the solvent to increase the concentration of the solution, generally refers to the reduction of the unnecessary part and the increase of the relative content of the required part. Mainly used in chemical industry.

If dilute solution is concentrated to a certain extent, then precipitation treatment or spray drying, or dilute solution concentration to the specified concentration to meet the technological requirements. If the wort is concentrated to a specified concentration for fermentation, or the solution is concentrated to a certain concentration for crystallization.

II. Concentration method

The choice of concentration method depends on the thermal stability of the target product;

1. For the target products of thermal stability, conventional atmospheric evaporation and vacuum evaporation can be used,

2. For bio macromolecules with unstable heat, freeze concentration, evaporation concentration and other methods are usually used.


III. principle of evaporation and concentration

Evaporation concentration refers to the process of boiling the solution by heating or reducing pressure, vaporizing part of the solvent and condensing the solution.

IV. function of evaporation and concentration

Evaporation and concentration is to shorten the heating time without affecting the required concentration, which is usually solved by vacuum membrane evaporation. That is to say, let the solution stay in a very thin liquid layer on the surface of the evaporator, the concentrated solution will leave the hot surface quickly, and the solution can be vaporized and concentrated in a short time. That is, the process of heating the solution to volatilize part of the water and increase the concentration of solute.

The vacuum pump for evaporation and concentration is a special vacuum pump for high efficiency evaporation. It has the functions of vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, vacuum crystallization, vacuum drying, condensation, drying, secondary steam and vacuum pumping.

Working principle of evaporation and concentration vacuum pump: the vacuum pump takes liquid as the medium, transforms the pressure energy into the speed energy through high-speed jet and suction vacuum, reduces the pressure in the suction area and produces vacuum. Numerous high-speed running streams will be taken away by the extracted gas, which will be injected into the circulating water tank from the outlet, and the gas insoluble in water will be separated out through the swirling flow, and the medium will be recycled by the centrifugal pump.

Features of evaporation and concentration vacuum pump: This product is a complete machine with large air volume and low level. Compared with other vacuum pumps, it has the features of water saving, electricity saving, oil saving, corrosion, long service life and low maintenance cost. And can directly suction corrosive media, such as flammable and explosive gases and various liquids, granular media and so on. It has the functions of condensation, enhanced reaction, evaporation dehydration, crystallization, concentration, filtration, degassing, oxygen supply, vacuum deodorization in oil plant, etc.

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