Rotary piston vacuum pump manufacturers

Rotary piston vacuum pump manufacturers

Model: 2H-70C
Category: H, 2H rotary piston vacuum pump
There are two kinds of rotary piston vacuum pumps manufacturers supply: H single-stage rotary piston vacuum pump and 2H double-stage rotary piston vacuum pump. Rotary piston vacuum pump is a vacuum production equipment, suitable for pumping ordinary gas and a small amount of condensable gas (such as water vapor) and gas town. If the gas is rich in oxygen, explosive, corrosive ferrous metal and reacts with vacuum pump oil chemically, the pump must be equipped with appropriate accessories. Pumps can be operated independently. When combined with another high vacuum pump, it can also be used as a front-end pump, such as diffusion pump, sump vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump. Series rotary piston vacuum pumps can last longer than sliding vane rotary vacuum pumps. It is widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment and vacuum sintering.

Rotary piston vacuum pump of characteristic:

Through optimum design and matching weighing, the vibration is small and the noise is low.
Separately supplying oil to the isolation sealing chamber, as the isolation sealing chamber and pump room are enclosed, impurities are avoided from entering the isolation sealing chamber, because discouragement and sealing will break prematurely.
According to consumer demand, auxiliary fuel tank can be equipped to make oil cooling and impurity separation.
Except for the old H-150, the motor is located at the top of the pump. The structure is compact and the size control clearance is small.
Rotary piston vacuum pump has become the main tool for many vacuum applications. The relatively large volume of the chamber must be evacuated. The chamber wall or process products have a large amount of degassing or when the process has a high gas throughput, the gas is sent to the treatment chamber. If the process requires a vacuum range of a few millimetres of mercury (after Mr Torricelli, also known as Toll) to about 50 microns, they are excellent. Usually the rated vacuum of the pump is set to 10 microns. (1 micron = 11 000 th, 1 mm Hg) Remember that the vacuum level in the treatment chamber is always higher than the final or blank vacuum at the pump inlet.

Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump of Application

vacuum heat treatment
vacuum brazing
Vacuum coating
Transformer drying
Degassing systems
Shelf drying
Vacuum casting
Electron Beam Welding
Laminating of Solar Cells
Petroleum reclamation
agglomeration process

Specification parameter

Model Ultimate pressure Pumping speed Inlet diam Outlet diam Motor power Cooling water consumption weight
Pa Torr L/s mm mm kw kg/h kg
2H-15 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 15 50 40 2.2 Air-cooling 175
2H-30 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 30 63 50 4 100 380
2H-70 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 70 80 50 7.5 150 710
2H-120 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 120 100 80 15 200 960
2H-150 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 150 100 80 15 200 1020

Characteristic Curves

Rotary piston vacuum pump manufacturers characteristic curves

Overall Dimensions

Rotary piston vacuum pump manufacturers overall dimensions
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