What is a CO2 compressor?

Like other gases, carbon dioxide is delivered by pressurizing it with a carbon dioxide compressor. Mainly used in urea synthesis plant. EVP Co., Ltd. produces various compressor products, including carbon dioxide compressor.

Carbon dioxide transcritical cycle refrigeration system mainly consists of the following equipment: carbon dioxide refrigeration compressor, oil separator, carbon dioxide gas cooler, throttling device (or expander), evaporator, gas-liquid separator (reservoir), system pipeline and valve, filter, high and low pressure protection system, electric control system (electric cabinet, pressure and temperature sensor, control).

When designing and using carbon dioxide compressor, pay attention to:

The critical temperature of carbon dioxide is high, and it can be liquefied at 31.3 ℃ and 7.14mpa. When it is used in winter, the interstage cooling temperature cannot be too low;

When carbon dioxide is below 60MPa, it is favorable for gas compression;

Because the relative density of carbon dioxide gas is large, it is not suitable to use excessive piston average speed, otherwise the resistance of gas valve is large;

The carbon dioxide gas contains a small amount of water, which is highly corrosive. Therefore, the gas valve, cooler and buffer tank shall be made of stainless steel.

EVP Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and manufacture of all kinds of special gas compressors, with advanced production technology, processing technology, processing equipment and assembly process.

The company produces a wide range of compressors, specifications, rapid change, there are fixed, mobile and marine types. The exhaust volume is 0.1-80m? / min, and the maximum exhaust pressure is 35MPa. The products are used for pressurization, transportation and recovery of liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, petroleum associated gas, casing gas, liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether, butadiene, vinyl chloride, methyl bromide, freon, carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen.

Products are widely used in gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petroleum and other industries.

EVP products have good performance, safety, reliability and durability, and are favored by the majority of users. After long-term hard work, the company has established a worldwide sales network, and the after-sales service adopts a 24-hour commitment system.

If you have any questions or purchase intention about the compressor, you can send an email to contact@evpvacuum.com.

What is a CO2 compressor?

What is a CO2 compressor?

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