Pump for surface treatment

Surface treatment involves finishing, coating, and removal of metal parts, including parts treated with different chemicals, additives, and electroplating to obtain the required color, finish, or texture. Depending on the time the part is exposed to a specific chemical, it affects the thickness of the coating.

Surface treatment involves the use of corrosive chemicals and corrosive solutions to treat metal surfaces, which must be recycled and treated safely after use. Depending on the treatment process, the surface treatment uses a variety of chemicals and solutions, including several stages in the metal treatment process from degreasing, rinsing and neutralization to etching, galvanizing and anodizing.

Several stages of surface treatment are separated in baths containing different liquids and chemicals, such as degreasers containing solvents, acid baths and electroplating baths containing strong acids (such as hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid). Liquids can also contain colorants, mineral salts, deionized water, or neutralizing fluids. During electroplating, current flows through a liquid containing dissolved metal to cover the immersed object.


We engineered the pump to ensure compatibility with all surface treatment fluids and offered the option of zero leakage opportunities to ensure safe fluid handling and continuous fluid recycling. Pumps may be specified to treat sludge which may accumulate at the bottom of the tank with sharp particles for maintenance purposes or to immerse it on the surface.

Vacuum coating, vacuum drying and surface treatment are used to prepare the film in vacuum, including the coating of crystalline metal, semiconductor, insulator and other simple or compound films. Although chemical vapor deposition also uses vacuum means such as decompression, low pressure or plasma, the general vacuum coating refers to the deposition of thin films by physical methods. There are three types of vacuum coating: evaporation coating, sputtering coating and ion plating.

Vacuum plays an important role in coating industry, surface treatment and drying. EVP vacuum pump manufacturers have been providing reliable and economical vacuum pumps and vacuum units for vacuum coating, vacuum drying and surface treatment industries.

Applicable products: vacuum unit, roots vacuum pump series, slide valve vacuum pump series, rotary vane vacuum pump series, etc.

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