Vacuum unit for oxygen filling system

Vacuum unit in oxygen bottle filling system of application

According to the specific requirements for the safe operation of oxygen charging system equipment in gas branch company and the investigation on the use of gas charging industry in China, the technical scheme for the selection of oxygen charging system application equipment was formulated. In order to ensure the safe operation of oxygen bottle filling equipment, the company applies the vacuum unit to the oxygen bottle filling system. This article mainly analyzes the working principle of vacuum unit, equipment characteristics and factors affecting the safe operation of vacuum unit, introduces the method of oxygen bottle filling, and expounds the matters needing attention in the operation and maintenance of vacuum unit.

Vacuum unit for oxygen filling system

According to the safety supervision department of oxygen cylinders filling equipment specific safety requirements, set up the vacuum unit is designed for one-piece, namely vacuum unit, working liquid tank, motor and drag, related pipes are set in a work box made of carbon steel materials, the vacuum unit and oxygen bottle filling system equipment isolation, in a vacuum unit operation, ensure oxygen bottle filling system equipment operation safety.

What is the working principle of the vacuum unit?

The vacuum unit is composed of pump as the main pump and vane pump as the front stage pump in series. The vane pump is selected as the front stage pump by the vane vacuum unit, so it overcomes the disadvantage that the vane pump has a low extraction rate under a certain pressure when it is used, and at the same time it retains the advantages of roots pump which can work quickly and has a higher extraction rate.

The operating temperature of the motor driven by the vacuum unit can be reduced by cooling the steam discharged from the outlet of the pump body. At the same time, the vacuum unit driving motor and all other electrical equipment are designed as explosion-proof type. According to the safe operation requirements of oxygen bottle filling system of gas branch, set up a group of vacuum bus-bar for the oxygen bottle vacuuming operation sheet.

Depending on the source of the gas, there are three ways to fill a bottle of oxygen:

The first type: the oxygen source is gaseous oxygen from the air separation equipment. The oxygen is pressurized to 16.5mpa by the oxygen compressor, and then the oxygen is charged to the high-pressure oxygen cylinder by the bus.

The second kind of oxygen source is the liquid oxygen from the air separation equipment, which can be pressurized to 16.5mpa by the liquid oxygen pump. The high-pressure liquid oxygen will be transformed into high-pressure gaseous oxygen through the carburetor, and then the oxygen will be filled into the high-pressure oxygen cylinder through the bus bar.

Third: with the air separation equipment with internal compression, the oxygen coming out of the cold box of the air separation equipment is gaseous oxygen of 16.5Mpa, and then the oxygen is filled into the high-pressure oxygen cylinder through the bus.

Vacuum unit in an oxygen bottle filling system, the application of the most important step is oxygen bottle filling operation procedures, to ensure the quality of oxygen filling and quality, hope that the major manufacturers to strict with subordinates in accordance with the operating rules, to get everything ready to security before filling, the filling process also need to be prepared for a safe, cannot careless, important is after filling, must all accessories closed, confirm correct, filling equipment must be qualified, cannot use inferior products. I want you to remember that because it’s very important.

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