Water Ring Vacuum System

Water ring vacuum pump unit when use in addition to the matters should pay attention to the use of it, you also need to pay attention to its using steps, in order to better use of the product, we’ll need it to have a general understanding of the use of requirements, in addition to the understanding of products more, we can use it better, so today we will require to use it to do a simple introduction to you.

Nine advantages of water ring vacuum pump unit:

1. The working pressure of the water ring vacuum pump unit should meet the requirements of the limit vacuum and working pressure of the vacuum equipment. For example, vacuum coating requires a vacuum degree of 1 * 10-5mmHg, and the vacuum degree selected should be at least 5 * 10-6mmHg. Usually, the vacuum degree of the pump is higher than that of the vacuum equipment. The vacuum degree is half to one order of magnitude.

2. choose the right point of work. Each pump has a certain range of working pressure, such as: diffusion pump is 10-3-10-7 mmHg, in such a wide range of pressure, pump speed varies with pressure, its stable working pressure range is 5 *10-4-5 *10-6 mmHg. Therefore, the working point of the pump should be selected within this range, and can not allow it to work under 10-8 mmHg for a long time. For example, Ti sublimation pump can work under 10-2mmHg, but its working pressure should be less than 1 * 10-5mmHg.

3. The water ring vacuum pump unit should be able to drain all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment under its working pressure.

4. correct combination. Because it has selective pumping, so sometimes choose a pump can not meet the pumping requirements, the need for a combination of several pumps to complement each other to meet the pumping requirements. If the titanium sublimation pump has a high pumping speed for hydrogen, but can not pump helium, and the three-pole sputtering ion pump (or the two-pole asymmetric cathode sputtering ion pump) has a certain pumping speed for argon, the combination of the two will make the vacuum device get better vacuum. In addition, some can not work at atmospheric pressure, the need for pre-vacuum; some outlet pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, the need for a front-stage pump, it is necessary to pump together.

Water Ring Vacuum System

5. Requirements for vacuum equipment for oil pollution. If the equipment strictly requires oil-free, should choose a variety of oil-free pumps, such as: water ring pump, molecular sieve adsorption pump, sputtering ion pump, cryogenic pump. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose an oil pump, coupled with some anti-oil pollution measures, such as cooling trap, baffle, oil trap, etc., can also meet the requirements of clean vacuum.

6. Understand the composition of the gas being pumped. The gas contains no condensable vapor, granular dust, corrosive and so on. When selecting a water ring vacuum pump unit, it is necessary to know the composition of the gas and select the corresponding pump for the selected gas. If the gas contains steam, particles, and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment in the pump inlet pipeline, such as condensers, dust collectors, etc.

7. What is the effect of the oil vapor discharged from the water ring vacuum pump unit on the environment? If the environment is not allowed to be contaminated, oil free products can be selected, or oil vapor can be drained out.

8. whether the vibration produced during operation has any effect on the process and environment. If the process is not allowed, no vibration pump should be selected or vibration prevention measures should be taken.

9. its price, operation and maintenance costs.


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