Roots vacuum pump in food processing

Vacuum technology is very important in the food industry. The domestic vacuum pump market puts forward higher requirements for the technical level of vacuum pump. Food processing refers to all the process of transforming raw materials into food or food into other forms. Food processing covers a wide range of applications, and vacuum pumps are often used for various special requirements. Vacuum pump is also widely used in food processing. Today EVP vacuum pump manufacturer brings you to discuss the application of Roots vacuum pump in food processing.

The application of vacuum technology in food processing is mainly in the freeze-drying process, which is often called vacuum freezing technology in the industry, which is also the most advanced food processing technology recognized in the world.

From the characteristics of Roots vacuum pump, the purpose of food preservation and food packaging processing, this paper discusses the application of Roots vacuum pump in food processing.

Roots vacuum pump features:

Fast start-up, low power consumption, low operation and protection cost, high pumping speed and high efficiency, insensitive to a large number of water vapor and dust contained in the extracted gas, with a large pumping rate within the pressure range of 100-1 PA, which can eliminate the suddenly released gas rapidly.

This pressure scale is just between oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump and dispersion pump. Therefore, it is often connected in series between the dispersion pump and the oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump to improve the pumping capacity of the two pressure scales. At this time it is also known as a mechanical booster pump.

Roots Vacuum Package Used in Rosin-Produce Line in Southeast Asia

There is a larger pumping speed in a wider pressure scale;

The rotor has good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is bumpy. There is clearance between the rotors and between the rotors and the shell, so it is not necessary to be smooth and the friction loss is small, which can greatly reduce the driving power, so as to achieve higher speed;

The pump cavity does not need to be sealed and smooth with oil, which can increase the purification of vacuum system by adding oil vapor;

There is no shrinkage and exhaust valve in the pump cavity. Simple and compact structure, insensitive to dust and water vapor in the extracted gas;

The contraction ratio is low and the consequence of hydrogen extraction is poor.

The purpose of food preservation is to delay aging, so it is necessary to control respiration, and the most closely related factor to respiration is temperature. On the one hand, respiration maintains individual life, on the other hand, it consumes stored substances.

After food processing, it must be cooled before packaging. The traditional cooling methods include indoor cooling, natural cooling, forced ventilation cooling, air conditioning room cooling, cold storage cooling, etc. These cooling methods not only have a long cooling time, slow turnover, more land occupation, but also uneven cooling, large temperature difference between the surface and the center, and more importantly, affect food safety. Now, using roots vacuum pump for cooling, in the process of cooling, quickly passing through this temperature range (50 ℃ – 25 ℃), can greatly reduce the generation of bacteria reproduction, easy to control the amount of original bacteria, which is conducive to improving the safety of food and extending the shelf life.

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