Oil-free vacuum pump in mass spectrometer

Oil-free vacuum pump in mass spectrometer of practical application

Why does a mass spectrometer work in a vacuum? The categories of mass spectrometer are: organic mass spectrometer, inorganic mass spectrometer, isotope mass spectrometer and ion probe. Mass spectrometer is used to separate and detect different isotopes. It is widely used in industry. Why did you choose oil-free vacuum pump for mass spectrometer? What are the advantages of an oil-free vacuum pump? Now let’s learn about mass spectrometers and oil-free vacuum pumps.

Oil-free vacuum pump in mass spectrometer

The mass spectrometer must be in good vacuum conditions to work normally, generally requires the ion source vacuum to reach the requirements. The mass spectrometer requires a high vacuum for the following reasons:

1. The average free path of ions must be greater than the flight distance from the ion source to the collector;

2. Too high oxygen partial pressure affects the life of filament in electron bombardment ion source;

3. The high pressure in the ion source may cause the discharge of accelerated voltage up to several kilovolts;

4. High pressure in the ion source will cause ion-molecule reaction and change the mass spectrum pattern.

In recent years, domestic and foreign spectrometer manufacturers will be oil-free vacuum pump into the popular mass spectrometer series products. The mass spectrometer is used to measure and analyze the composition of gases.

The mass spectrometer determines the chemical composition of a substance by ionizing the gas in a vacuum, based on the principle that its gas ions have different mass and charge depending on the composition of the substance. To do this, the mass spectrometer must ensure that when ions are generated (which happens in the ionization chamber at the beginning of the process) they can travel freely through the ionization and analysis chamber without colliding with air molecules. Therefore, a vacuum pump is needed to ensure ionization and the absence of air molecules in the analysis room. In order to make the analysis accurate, an oil-free vacuum pump was used to ensure that no oil molecules interfered with the results.

Oil-free vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical vacuum pump which can operate without any oil for lubrication. What are its advantages?

1. Small size and simple structure;

2. Easy to operate;

3. Easy installation and maintenance;

4. Do not need any oil for lubrication, do not produce smoke, so as not to pollute the environment;

5. Good durability, vacuum pump and compression vacuum pump;

6. Wide range of applications, such as automatic packaging line vacuum pull pull bag opening, loading, printing machinery paper vacuum suction, etc.

Some users are pharmaceutical companies that need to use a mass spectrometer to perform biological analysis and identify drugs for clinical trials. The oil-free vacuum pump ensures high precision measurement, which is essential for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, and eliminates interference from oil pollution by using the oil-free vacuum pump.

Other users, such as those in the steel industry, are also sensitive to oil pollution, and an oil-free vacuum pump mass spectrometer is a natural choice. Through the above content, we can clearly understand the oil-free vacuum pump in the mass spectrometer in the actual application effect is very good. When purchasing, special attention should be paid to the fact that products are different from the past. The society is progressing, science and technology are developing, and people’s living standards are also improving. With the increase of people’s demand for products, the products are constantly progressing with The Times. After years of research and development and innovation, products can not only meet the needs of enterprises, but also in the after-sales aspects are guaranteed.

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