vacuum system in the manufacture of aeromechanical and electrical components

Vacuum technology is more and more widely used in the development of aviation industry, in order to meet the increasingly demanding technical requirements of the high-speed development of new aircraft for the manufacturing of aviation electromechanical components. The function of vacuum system is to obtain and maintain vacuum in the designated time and space to ensure the implementation of a process or physical process in the system. This paper discusses the application of vacuum system in the manufacturing of aviation electromechanical components.

In recent years, the world’s aviation powers are competing to develop all kinds of new military aircraft. Their electromechanical systems have various excellent performances. While developing towards the direction of integration, miniaturization and intelligence, they also need to reduce the cost, shorten the product development cycle, have high reliability and good modifiability, which makes the material, structure and accuracy of the aviation electromechanical products change greatly It has accelerated the development of aviation electromechanical product manufacturing technology. Especially with the development of airborne electronic system and radar detection system, microelectronics manufacturing and vacuum technology play an increasingly important role in the development of avionics products.

Aviation mechanical and electrical products manufacturing is a comprehensive technology of many disciplines, such as machine, electricity, light, chemistry, microelectronics, computer, control detection and management, which plays an important role in achieving the excellent performance of aviation mechanical and electrical products and the rapid development of aircraft, and is an important part of the advanced manufacturing technology development plan of developed countries.


The application of vacuum system in the manufacture of aeromechanical and electrical components

The features of the vacuum system are:

1. Low noise and vibration.

2. Air cooling, convenient and easy.

3. It still works well in high temperature environment.

4. Keep good pumping speed under low vacuum pressure.

5. Built in filter core and filter to achieve high filtering effect.

6. Built in one-way valve to prevent reverse flow of vacuum oil.

7. Simple structure, small volume and space saving.

8. Multi function concept, which can be used with special configuration of customers.

9. Easy to maintain.

The application of vacuum system in the manufacturing of avionics components the manufacturing technology of avionics level active matrix color liquid crystal flat panel display is an important mechanical and electrical product of aircraft cockpit. The liquid crystal flat panel display is the development direction of aircraft cockpit display. Advanced military aircraft use active matrix color liquid product multi-function display instead of mechanical and electrical instruments. The display has a wide perspective High brightness, high contrast, vibration resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance require super clean production environment and expensive process equipment.

The main components of color LCD are thin film transistor, driving circuit, color filter and so on. Liquid crystal thin film transistor technology is the most critical manufacturing technology of liquid crystal flat panel display, which directly affects the display speed and array density. The manufacturing of polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor and amorphous silicon thin film transistor is the main development technology at present. At present, the amorphous silicon thin film transistor has been used in the LCD of foreign advanced vehicle aircraft, and further development of the manufacturing process of glass element inlaid with thin film crystal and the process of color filter film plating is needed. This process has high technology content and large capital investment.

Compared with cathode ray tube, active matrix color liquid crystal flat panel display has four times higher production cost under the same structure size. With the increase of the size, the cost and scrap rate increase. In order to avoid the investment risk, the development of active matrix color LCD for Military Avionics mainly focuses on how to change the source matrix color LCD for civil avionics into military display.

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