Promotion liquid ring vacuum pump

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The way to eliminate the hidden danger of water ring vacuum pump and its advantages

In the daily work, it is important for the quality of products. The water ring vacuum pump must be shut down in a planned way. After that, it should also be noted that when the pump needs to be shut down in accordance with the management regulations in the following situations, the person in charge of the pump stopping unit must pay attention to handling the relevant shutdown approval procedures four hours in advance; in other words, when the superior power department, the company or the line maintenance needs to be shut down in case of failure.

In addition, when the line in the mine fails, it will be shut down due to maintenance; when the water ring vacuum pump needs to be shut down due to failure or regular switching; when the water source of the circulating water tank needs to be replaced; when the welding of nearby drainage pipeline and the replacement and installation of other auxiliary devices; when the vacuum pump needs to be shut down due to other special circumstances or reasons Hou.

After that, we must also pay attention to the safe development, which means that the people can safely and happily enjoy the important achievements of economic development and social development. It is precisely because of this, in the ordinary use of water ring vacuum pump, our ultimate goal is to pay attention to should be to reduce safety accidents to a large extent, but also should pay attention to reduce personal and property losses.

Next, the water ring vacuum pump unit is mainly used for rough vacuum. The process of gas extraction is large. It will also be used to remove air and other gases which are not corroded, and do not dissolve in water and contain a small amount of solid particles, so as to form vacuum in closed containers.

The water ring vacuum pump unit overcomes the characteristics of the limit pressure difference when a single water ring pump is used, at the same time, it also overcomes the shortcomings of low pumping rate at a certain pressure, at the same time, it can retain the water ring vacuum pump unit to work quickly, which means it will have the advantages of larger pumping rate;

Promotion liquid ring vacuum pump

Promotion liquid ring vacuum pump

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