Oil and gas recovery vacuum pump

In the process of gasoline transportation, loading and unloading, there are a lot of volatilization, resulting in waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, in these occasions, oil and gas recovery vacuum pumps are often equipped for oil and gas recovery. Dry vacuum pump manufacturers to talk about some of the oil and gas recovery vacuum pump selection tips.

At present, the main oil and gas recovery processes are adsorption, absorption, condensation and membrane separation, and adsorption is the most common recovery method because of its economic rationality.

The main process of oil and gas recovery by adsorption method is “adsorption vacuum desorption gasoline recovery”. The main function of oil and gas recovery vacuum pump is desorption. The early oil and gas recovery vacuum pump generally used water ring vacuum pump, which has the characteristics of compact structure, isothermal compression, simple operation and so on. After the continuous emergence of various dry vacuum pumps, the disadvantages of  liquid ring vacuum pumps are obvious: low efficiency, generally around 30%, good ones can reach 50%; unstable vacuum performance, susceptible to the influence of working fluid temperature; recovered oil and gas may be mixed with working fluid, difficult to separate, and produced sewage can not be discharged directly. Especially in the high temperature season of summer, on the one hand, the suction capacity of the liquid ring vacuum pump is greatly affected by the temperature rise of the working liquid, on the other hand, the oil and gas volatilization is more severe, and the burden of the vacuum pump is heavier. Because of the overlapping of the two factors, the liquid ring vacuum pump can not achieve effective desorption in oil and gas recovery.


After the appearance of dry vacuum pump, some defects of liquid ring vacuum pump as oil and gas recovery vacuum pump have been effectively improved. The advantages are obvious: high vacuum degree, stable vacuum performance, not easily affected by external temperature. For example, dry screw vacuum pump can reach a limit vacuum of about 1pA, with a stable pumping speed in a wide range, which can achieve better oil and gas desorption effect; environment-friendly, operation friendly. When there is no oil, water and other media involved, the direct air discharge will not pollute the environment; energy saving, the efficiency of the dry vacuum pump of the same scale oil and gas recovery device is far higher than that of the liquid ring vacuum pump, even the power is only about half of that of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

In addition, the dry vacuum pump has the advantages of simple matching and less maintenance. With the emergence of screw vacuum pump, claw vacuum pump and other dry vacuum pumps, the traditional rotary vane vacuum pump, reciprocating pump and other dry oil-free models have emerged. In the selection of oil-gas vacuum pump, the dry vacuum pump has gradually replaced the liquid ring vacuum pump. The application of dry vacuum pump in oil and gas recovery practice in petrochemical enterprises has also proved its rationality and ease of use in the selection of oil and gas recovery vacuum pump.

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