Medical vacuum suction system

Medical gas pipeline system

The medical gas pipeline system is a centralized facility to supply and discharge medical oxygen, vacuum suction, compressed air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases. It is an important integral part of a modern hospital, and it includs medical oxygen system, vacuum suction system, compressed air system, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide systems and a central workstation.

Vacuum suction system

The vacuum suction system is made up of a central suction station, suction lines, vacuum suction terminals etc.. The vacuum pump system in the central suction station is the vacuum source of the whole suction system. Attraction is provided to the terminals in operation rooms, emergency rooms and all patient rooms for medical use when the negative pressure is big enough with the vacuum pump system pumping.
The central suction station consists of vacuum pumps,bacteria filters,a control cabinet, dirt receivers,vacuum buffer tanks(negative pressure tanks). It is a must that there are spares pumps and the pumps could be switched automatically.
Generally rotary piston vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps and lubricating rotary vane vacuum pumps are chosen as medical vacuum pumps.
Rotary piston vacuum pump:

low-cost and durable, while big size and quite noisy. Cooling water is requested and mufflers must be installed to exhaust pipes.
Liquid ring vacuum pump:

small size and less noise. Circulating water has to be supplied. Water separator and drainage channels must be installed.
Lubricating rotary vane vacuum pump:

less noise, less vibration and cooling air instead of cooling water. A inner non-return valve prevents suction system from being polluted. Oil mist separator protects environment and save oil. The installation room should be well ventilated because this pump is cooled by air.

Vacuum suction system accessory equipments

Dual bacterial filter: to prevent vacuum pumps and vacuum tank contamination.
Dirt Receiver: to collect pollutants and liquid, keep the vacuum system in normal, clean up pollutants without interrupting airflow.
Vacuum buffer tank: prevent vacuum pumps from starting frequently

Vacuu suction system technical requirements

The vacuum suction system negative pressure in the standard atmosphere is not higher than 0.02mPa (150mmHg), and not lower than 0.07mPa (525mmHg). And it can be adjusted within the range.
All patient rooms and operation rooms should be equipped with a vacuum gauge at a precision of no less than 1.5.
When infectious diseases ward share the vacuum suction with ordinary wards, infectious disease ward system should be set up with a vacuum tank and a filter to get isolated.
A alarm device should be installed in the center suction station. When the negative pressure is higher than 0.019mPa (140mmHg) or lower than 0.073mPa (550mmHg), a beep should heard in 1.5m away in the environment at 55db (A) noise within the range and a red warning lights should be seen to be lighting.
The number of bacteria in the air discharged from the suction system hould be no more than 500 per cubic meter.
The noise in center suction station does not exceed 80db (A), and doesn’t exceed 60db (A) outside.
Suction system should be equipped with reliable grounding devices, of which the grounding resistance should be less than 10ohm.

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