Roots blower of over flow causes

During the use of Roots blower, the current is too high and the motor is overloaded. There are many reasons for the high current of Roots blower. Today, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will analyze the cause of Roots blower current?

1. Blocked pipe

The common reasons are mainly pipe blockage, unstable fan outlet, the wind does not extinguish, the pressure rises, the motor causes overpressure overload, which leads to the rise of Roots blower ammeter.

2. Cause of lubricating oil

If the roots blower is short of lubricant, the fan will continue to operate without oil. The impeller failure friction and gear wear will increase, which will increase the motor load, which will only increase the motor load and accelerate the loss.

3. Misoperation

Current overload can also be a problem during operation. For example, if the check valve is installed in the reverse direction and the gate valve is not fully opened, this operation may cause instantaneous combustion of the motor and should be carried out according to regulations during operation. Don’t cause unnecessary trouble.

4. Problems of Roots blower

Roots blower manufacturers have their own quality problems. When the fan is installed, the clearance of many parts is poor, which will lead to additional friction. In addition, some components may be damaged, increasing the load of the motor and the fuse will blow.

In short, if the current is too high, roots blower motor is in overload working state, regardless of the fan itself or operation error. In daily use, in order to effectively avoid the fault of Roots blower, we follow the correct operation. The use method and process should be stopped and checked frequently, and maintenance and troubleshooting should be carried out. This is an indispensable and effective method.

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