water ring vacuum pump correct operation

The water ring vacuum pump should master the correct operation skills before normal use. The initial state is confirmed that the vacuum pump is in the state without process medium, the coupling is installed, the protective cover is installed, the machine, electricity and instrument of the vacuum pump are confirmed, the pump turning is uniform and flexible, the inlet filter of the vacuum pump is cleaned and installed, the lubricating grease is qualified before the cooling water is led to the pump, the lubricating grease in the bearing box is filled, and the outlet of the vacuum pump is confirmed Close the inlet valve, confirm that the motor switch of the vacuum pump is in the off or stop state, and confirm that the motor of the vacuum pump is powered off. The following is a brief introduction to the correct operation of water ring vacuum pump.

Water ring vacuum pump startup preparation:

1. Confirm that the pressure gauge at the inlet of the vacuum pump and the pressure gauge on the outlet separator have been installed. Use vacuum gauge and pressure gauge, and apply pneumatic automatic make-up water, drain valve and level gauge on steam separator. Close the exhaust valve at the bottom of the steam separator; contact the electrician and fitter to ensure that the rotation direction of the motor is the same as that of the pump. Confirm whether the tools (wrench, auscultation, rag, oil pot) are complete, and confirm that the vacuum pump has been properly grounded and confirmed. The fixing bolts of the vacuum pump are not loose, and the circulating cooling water of the cooler is used to confirm the smooth return. Slowly open the outlet valve of the vacuum pump and open 1 / 3 valve position, turn and check whether there is leakage on the flange.

2. The water injection pump of the unit belongs to the closed circulation system. The make-up water of the system is re injected into the pump body through the water of the steam separator. After opening the pump, open the water filling valve of steam separator to fill the pump body. When the water in the three drain plugs is seen at the bottom of the pump, screw on the drain plug and close the water filling valve of the steam separator to stop filling the pump body, so that the water in the pump is just above the drain plug.


Water ring vacuum pump operation

1. Close the valve on the gas pipeline Road, open the water supply gate valve and supply water to the water ring vacuum pump. When the liquid in the automatic drain valve flows out, close the inlet gate valve and open the motor.

2. Open the intake valve.

3. When no water flows out of the automatic drain valve, start the motor, and then the water ring vacuum pump runs. At the same time, open the water supply gate valve to make the pointer of the water inlet vacuum pressure gauge close to 0mpa (the gauge pressure is no vacuum). When the absolute suction pressure of the water ring vacuum pump drops, the pointer will move to a negative value (reading between 0 and – 0.003 MPa) (vacuum will be generated).

4. If the gas is flammable, explosive, toxic or to be recovered, please adjust the sealing liquid level of the circular gas water separator so that the liquid level is in the middle of the liquid level gauge to prevent gas generation. Leak.

Water ring vacuum pump adjustment

Confirmation and adjustment after startup: confirm that the flow and pressure of the pump are normal and stable, confirm that the vibration of the pump is normal, confirm that the external temperature of the bearing box does not exceed 70 ° C, confirm that there is no leakage, confirm that the temperature and pressure of the cooling water are normal, and confirm the motor current. Normal, confirm that the motor vibration sound is normal.

The pump operation of the water ring vacuum pump is approximately as described above. I hope everyone can master it. The operation of the machine should not only pay attention to the daily maintenance work, but also pay attention to the operation of the vacuum pump. Better use of vacuum pumps.

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