Liquid ring vacuum pump operation mode

Liquid ring vacuum pump in different seasons operation mode

The four seasons of the year show three weather patterns: the hot season, the cold season, and the connecting season. Different seasons will not only cause harm to people’s normal clothes, food, housing and transportation, but also cause harm to the application of various industrial production machinery and equipment. Therefore, the operation of liquid ring vacuum pump in different season is not the same, the following details.

1. During hot season: all or most of the generator sets operate the refrigerating machine. The imported vacuum pump transfers the heat generated in the room to the liquid loop.
2, cold weather: all or most of the generator set operation heating mode, liquid ring vacuum pump from the water loop digestion and absorption of heat, to fill the heat damage in the room, to assist the heating equipment to start, to fill the rehydration loop heat, cooling equipment in the shutdown.
3. Connecting season: there are additional refrigerating machines and heating requirements in the building, which promote the internal energy transfer of the building. When the balance is achieved, the cooling equipment and the auxiliary heating equipment need not be started.

That is, the liquid ring vacuum pump in three different seasons of the operation of detailed introduction. Effective adjustment of operation method is more conducive to promote the application of high efficiency of machinery and equipment, improve its practicability, for its application in a large number of manufacturing industry to produce convenience, so the content of people must have a certain grasp.

Liquid ring vacuum pump operation mode

Liquid ring vacuum pump operation mode

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