EVP vacuum pump helps the development of metallurgical industry

EVP is a leading supplier of heat treatment applications involving standard processes such as tempering, annealing, quenching, brazing, and nitriding, as well as special processes such as sintering, MIM, carburizing, and air atomization. Over the years, users around the world have benefited from EVP’s experience and expertise, and EVP is the best partner for customers in the heat treatment industry.

Based on the modular design concept, EVP vacuum degassing system can meet the customers’ requirements of arbitrary pumping speed through the combination of several standard vacuum pumps: from small-scale to super large-scale iron and steel smelters. Our product range is rich and diverse to provide customized solutions for customers. EVP provides customers with real “plug and play” solutions!

Liquid steel degassing (VD / VOD / RH) is an indispensable process in the deep processing of iron and steel, and it is also a production link with high energy consumption and large pollution. EVP dry vacuum pump solution can not only fundamentally solve the problem of energy consumption and pollution caused by the steam injection system, but also further improve the quality of molten steel. This plan not only brings considerable economic benefits to the steel enterprises, but also brings lasting environmental benefits to the local area.

Now EVP vacuum has more product portfolio to meet customer process requirements:

Rotary vane vacuum pump

It can meet the requirements of complex processes such as heat treatment furnace and plasma application, and the operation of vacuum pump is stable and reliable. Equipped with oil filter to adapt to the rough characteristics of industrial application; no external exhaust filter is required; different lubricating oil can be selected according to the process characteristics.

Dry screw pump

Designed for the age of intelligent manufacturing, vacuum pumps need to handle a lot of water vapor in brazing applications. With the correct purging configuration, condensate backflow can be avoided even under the worst conditions, and the vacuum pump can operate reliably. The vacuum pump supports different purge settings.

Laboratory small oil-free vacuum pump

Oil free dry screw pump

Oil free dry screw pump is 100% air-cooled pump, without cooling water. Developers use fewer, proven mechanical parts and assemblies in their designs. It enables its users to realize low maintenance requirements, complete oil-free emission and minimum operation noise in daily operation. In addition, the pump is absolutely dry and clean, so as to prevent oil and particle discharge or oil leakage, and completely eliminate the possibility of oil returning to the vacuum chamber to pollute products and processes.

Difference between dry screw vacuum pump and claw vacuum pump

Dry screw pump

It is the best partner for the application of heavy load type heat treatment process, which can meet the requirements of severe processes such as sintering, carburizing or carbonitriding. Effectively reduce the degree of deposition, users can clean the pump by themselves, simple and convenient.

EVP200PB Dry Scroll Pump

New generation of scroll Vacuum Pump

The oil-free air-cooled pump is used as the pre-stage pump, which is suitable for severe application such as laboratory vacuum furnace. It is light and compact in design and occupies very small space. Very easy to integrate into new and existing vacuum systems.

Z300 oil Booster Vacuum pumps Used Vacuum Furnace In Europe

Oil diffusion pump and oil booster pump

It is used in VIM (vacuum induction melting), vid (vacuum induction degassing) process, VIGA, Eiga and other gas atomization processes.

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