Liquid ring vacuum pump vendor

EVP’s extraordinary strength of liquid ring vacuum pump vendor come, won the favor of numerous new and old customers. Liquid (water) ring vacuum pump product display, provide liquid (water) ring vacuum pump product details, dedicated to provide customers with high quality liquid (water) ring vacuum pump products and perfect after-sales service.

Liquid ring vacuum pump is to use water to extract vacuum as the working fluid, in the process of industrial production will inevitably encounter corrosive gas, this time it is necessary to make the correct choice of liquid ring vacuum pump material, EVP vacuum pump vendor produced and sold liquid ring vacuum pump has gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, stainless steel impeller, copper impeller, and stainless steel flow parts, integral stainless steel.

Grey cast iron of liquid ring vacuum pump:

Gray cast iron (gray cast iron) is the cast iron obtained from the first stage of graphitization process. All or most of the carbon exists in the form of flake graphite, the fracture is dark, so it is named, it includes general gray cast iron (gray cast iron), instillation cast iron, rare earth gray cast iron and so on.

To make the pump can run safety, long life, must pay attention to daily maintenance, maintenance should be paid attention to the following aspects:

Shaft seal maintenance:

To periodically sealing water pressure and water, and to always maintain a small amount of clean water flows along the axis, regular packing gland, check the stuffing and regular change of packing. Shaft seal water pressure, shaft seal water quantity should meet the above (seal inspection) requirements. Pump with mechanical seal, when not used for a long time, the mechanical seal part should be filled with N46 oil to prevent the mechanical seal parts from rusting and internal rubber failure.

Impeller adjustment:

In order to ensure efficient operation of pump, you have to adjust the impeller with the guard interval, first stop the pump when adjusting impeller clearance, loosen bolts pressure bearing assemblies and should adjust the bolt nut, the bearing components to move forward, at the same time turn the shaft by hand according to the rotation direction of pump rotation, until the impeller and guard plate of friction, will just tighten the nut to relax in front of the half circle, then adjust the bolt to the nut is tightened, the bearing components backwards, the impeller and the former guard interval between 0.51 mm. After adjustment, before starting again, check again whether the impeller is rotating normally, whether the bearing assembly compression bolts are tightened, and then start the pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pump vendor

Liquid ring vacuum pump vendor

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