Roots blower main purpose and application scope

There are many uses of Roots blower. Let’s check the application scope of Roots blower with you today!

Roots blower main purpose and application scope

*Water treatment is used for water treatment plant purification and sediment agitation

*Incinerator can support combustion and promote exhaust

*Pipeline cleaning is used to remove the dust and iron powder during pipeline replacement or maintenance, and also to supply various coatings in the pipeline

*The function of ozone generator the use of air source for high concentration ozone generator

*The compost of livestock manure fermentation transports gas to accelerate the fermentation compost of livestock manure and urine

*In order to optimize the electroplating quality (uniform coating), the electroplating bath transports gas in the electrolyte layer to circulate the electrolyte, which is then used as the air source

*Gas burner makes combustion plan into micromolecule by high pressure exhaust

*Air bubble is used for air lift pump to reduce the specific gravity of sewage and achieve water lift

*It is used for oxygen supply and mixing in the water of various fish and crabs, aquarium and fish tank

*Printing machine paper can be separated, aligned and distributed by exhaust

*Sandblasting machine as air source of sandblasting machine

* sprays are used for spray and other high pressure exhausting without oil.

*Pressure machine used for demoulding after workpiece forming

*Sauna is good for other people’s health. It is mainly used in hospitals, restaurants, etc

*Backwash for filter material and filtration

*Humidification device is used to supply humidification device to stabilize indoor temperature and prevent static electricity in textile, cigarette and printing factories

*Drying production line for small-scale production line drying

*To convey grain, such as wheat, by means of a rotary valve

*The transport of powder particles is used to transport gas, such as chlorinated alkene, polyethylene and other particles

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