water ring vacuum pump in gas drainage pumping station

gas drainage pumping station product introduction:

This product is a special equipment used to extract or discharge combustible gas from coal seam, rock stratum and goaf.

A gas pumping station is established on the ground, and connected with the drainage borehole through the underground gas drainage pipeline system. When the pump is running, the negative pressure will be caused, and the gas will be pumped out into the gas tank or directly supplied to the user. If the amount of gas extracted is small or unstable, it can be directly discharged into the atmosphere.

At present, there are many models of gas drainage pump station, which have complete functions, reasonable mechanism, safe and reliable, good performance, and easy to move. In addition to the stable pumping and exhaust performance of water ring vacuum pump, the main functions also have the function of automatic protection: one is the function of water cut-off and power-off; the other is the power-off function of environmental detection.

Water ring vacuum pump plays an important role in coal mine industry. Water ring vacuum pump and compressor are used to pump or pressure gas and other non corrosive, water-insoluble and non-solid particles gas. Water ring vacuum pump is used to form vacuum or pressure in closed container to meet the requirements of specific process flow. A small amount of liquid is allowed in the gas inhaled or compressed.

SK series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, sugar making, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, environmental protection and electronic industries. Because in the working process, this kind of pump compresses the gas in the isothermal state, so it is not easy to cause danger when pressing or pumping flammable and explosive gas, so it is more widely used.

Water ring vacuum pump and compressor system is composed of vacuum pump (compressor), coupling, motor, steam water separator and pipeline. The working process of the vacuum pump, compressor and steam water separator is as follows: the gas enters the vacuum pump or compressor through the pipeline through the valve, and then is discharged into the steam water separator through the air guide elbow, and then discharged through the exhaust pipe of the steam water separator. When used as a compressor, the steam water mixture discharged from the compressor is separated in the steam water separator, and the gas is transported to the system of gas to be compressed through the valve, while the water is left in the steam water separator. The water level in the steam water separator is adjusted by the automatic overflow switch. When the water level is higher than the required level, the overflow switch is opened and the water overflows from the overflow pipe; when the water level is low, the water will overflow from the overflow pipe When the water level is required, the overflow switch is closed and the water level in the steam water separator rises to the required level.

The working fluid in the vacuum pump or compressor is supplied by the steam water separator (tap water can also be used). The size of water supply is adjusted by the valve on the water supply pipe. The difference between gas suction system and pressure feed system is only that the internal structure of steam water separator is different. When pumping gas, the suction pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, while the exhaust pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure, so there is only overflow pipe in the steam water separator; when the gas is pressurized, the suction port is under normal pressure (or vacuum state), and the outlet pressure is higher than one atmospheric pressure. In order to ensure the gas pressure, the water level of the steam water separator is controlled by the overflow switch.

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