Vacuum system in seawater degassing

Vacuum system in seawater degassing of application

Seawater degassing device mainly removal dissolved in water and leaked a small amount of condensate gas, mainly including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and so on, the goal is to increase in thermal efficiency, reduce the seawater corrosion of metallic materials (oxygen play the role of promoting corrosion), usually adopts the vacuum degassing system, cooperate with the appropriate desalination process.

Secondary recovery by water injection is the main feature of crude oil production and the key factor to achieve and maintain productivity under the premise of economic feasibility. Used here must pass a degassed water to remove contains oxygen, because oxygen has adverse effects on the desulfurization system. Nowadays, vacuum degassing has become the most commonly used method in oil and gas industry: packed tower constantly cleaned by vacuum system, to remove the oxygen and other gases. Two-stage mass transfer packing is generally used.

The working principle of the vacuum system is to start the main vacuum pump group of the system to start working until the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank reaches the set upper limit value, the vacuum pump will automatically stop running, and the vacuum in the central vacuum system will be maintained by the vacuum check valve on the pipeline. As a result of working requirements of vacuum tank vacuum drops below the lower limit set, spare automatic vacuum pump is started. This cycle, the vacuum degree of vacuum system to maintain the stability of the vacuum source and meet the requirements of production.

The vacuum system is well built to operate in harsh environments such as offshore drilling platforms, making it ideal for degassing applications.

Vacuum system in seawater degassing

Vacuum system in seawater degassing

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