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Today for you to introduce a, Vietnam 2SK vacuum pump.

Vietnam 2SK liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer: liquid ring vacuum pump pumping capacity

Vietnam vacuum pump manufacturer

Today, SK liquid ring vacuum pump equipment manufacturer in Vietnam tells you the definition, measurement method and conversion with standard operating conditions of liquid ring vacuum pump, if you are interested, please follow me.

According to the Chinese mechanical industry standard JB/T 7255-2007 “liquid ring vacuum pump and liquid ring compressor”, the gas volume of liquid ring vacuum pump refers to the gas volume passing through the pump inlet per unit time when the inlet pressure is 1013.25 hPa under the given vacuum degree. This definition is consistent with foreign countries, and refers to the volume flow under the suction state.

Since the gas volume of liquid-ring vacuum pump is affected by the added water temperature, the extracted gas temperature and the exhaust pressure, etc., the national standard GB/T 13929 “test methods for liquid-ring vacuum pump and liquid-ring compressor” stipulates that the conditions for the measurement and acceptance are:

A) the inlet gas is ambient air;

B) ambient air pressure is 1013.25 hPa and temperature is 20 ℃;

C) inlet water temperature is 15 ℃;

D) the relative humidity of ambient air is 70%;

E) pump speed is set at r/min.

At the same time, the standard also stipulates that if the actual conditions of acceptance measurement are inconsistent with the above mentioned conditions, the measurement results of test acceptance shall be converted according to the specified conditions. Therefore, the performance curve and technical data table of liquid ring vacuum pump in China are revised according to the above mentioned conditions, which is basically consistent with the standards of foreign manufacturers.

The measurement method of gas volume is stipulated in GB/T 13930 “measurement method of liquid ring vacuum pump and liquid ring compressor gas volume” that can be measured with standard orifice flow measuring device and measuring nozzle, and that other calibrated measuring instruments and devices can also be used. Both measuring instrument belongs to the differential throttling measuring device, and the coal mine system use the orifice gas flow measurement, the calibration is at standard conditions (pressure gas inlet gas temperature is 20 ℃, and environment for the standard atmospheric pressure of 1013.25 hPa), thus calculated according to the pressure difference before and after the orifice flow of gas is under prescribed conditions. But liquid ring vacuum pump, gas processing, measuring results standards at home and abroad have provisions to state gas conversion to the corresponding suction condition (inlet pressure), so hubei SK liquid ring vacuum pump equipment suppliers think liquid ring vacuum pump on the technical data at home and abroad are given under the suction condition of volume flow.

Due to coal mining system is put forward to smoke gas pumping capacity requirements are generally refers to the volume of standard under the condition that a specified state (some coal mine when buying liquid ring vacuum pump and conversion to suction pressure), therefore should be reduced to the corresponding suction pressure, according to the liquid ring vacuum pump performance curve or data table to select the corresponding models. If it is required that, when the inlet pressure is 400 hPa(absolute pressure), the flow rate of gas extraction should reach 50 m3/min under standard operating conditions, then the corresponding flow rate under suction pressure is 50×1013.25/400=127 m3/min

Therefore, the pump should be selected according to the inlet pressure of 400 hPa and the inhaled air volume of 127 m3/min.

The above is the explanation of “the definition, measurement method and conversion with standard operating conditions of liquid ring vacuum pump” by SK liquid ring vacuum pump equipment manufacturer in Vietnam. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any further questions or requirements, please feel free to email with apartment professionals.

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