Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum Pumps

Oil-free scroll vacuum pumps of advantages

Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum Pump

1. Oil-free scroll vacuum pump has superior performance

The main advantages of oil-free scroll vacuum pump mainly include:

(1). Good sealing, no mechanical pump directly connected to the suction, exhaust chamber of the leakage channel, easy to seal, easy to achieve a high vacuum.

(2) small radius of rotation, the relative sliding speed of the static and static scroll disk is only 1/7 of the rotary disc vacuum pump, the dynamic seal between the static and static vortices is relatively easy, which is conducive to the extension of the service life of the pump.

(3) the compression process must be slow, there are two or three compression process at the same time, the compression chamber is symmetrical to the crankshaft, so that the running process of the pump is stable, the driving torque and gas shock fluctuation is small, so that the noise and vibration of the pump are reduced.

In a word, oil-free scroll vacuum pump has a simple structure, a high compression ratio, a stable pumping speed in a wide range of pressure, and a wide range of working pressure. The gap between the dynamic and static vortices is small and leakage is small. As the volume of the compression chamber changes continuously, the driving torque changes little, the power changes little, the vibration noise is low, and the reliability is high. This is not available in other types of dry vacuum pumps.

2. Oil-free scroll vacuum pump solves the basic and common problems of pollution and vibration

Due to oil leakage, noise, return oil pollution, high energy consumption and vibration of the ordinary vane oil pump, the users are adversely affected, such as oil vapor pollution and process system return oil in the biological products and semiconductor industries. In the coating process of vacuum coating equipment, when coating the film in a vacuum of 20 ~ 40Pa, if the ordinary rotary mechanical vacuum pump is used as the front level vacuum pump, the coating process equipment will be contaminated and the film quality will be affected.

Compared with the pump used in the semiconductor chip manufacturing process, there is an obvious gap in the rate of finished products, and the oil mist and steam discharged will pollute the environment. In the scientific instrument industry, especially in the analysis and test instrument industry, the use of oil pump will have a negative impact on the test results. Large-scale synchrotron radiation beam line adopts oil-free scroll vacuum pump as the level before the effect of vacuum pump is quite obvious. In addition, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump eliminates the environmental pollution and troubles caused by oil leakage from the ordinary oil pump. The advantages and reliability of the existing oil-free scroll vacuum pump have been proved by the users.

3. Oil-free scroll vacuum pump reduces the manufacturing and operating costs of the system

In order to prevent the back oil pollution of the vacuum system by the ordinary rotary vane oil vacuum pump, it is necessary to add a cold trap to capture oil molecules in the pumping system. In the process of system operation, regular cleaning and oil removal are also required; Some of them need to replace the vacuum pump oil regularly. The first part of the oil-free scroll vacuum pump needs an oil trapping mechanism like a cold trap, the second part does not need to replace the vacuum pump oil, the third part has less vibration, more stable operation, the fourth energy consumption is reduced, the fifth weight is lighter, and the sixth part breaks through the limits of the oil pump’s use range. These advantages make the oil-free scroll vacuum pump a replacement product for the ordinary rotary vane oil vacuum pump.

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