2XZ-15C vacuum pump

Brand: EVP           material: aluminum alloy           driving mode: Electric
Power: 1.5              ultimate pressure: 1 pa                boundary dimension: 705 * 225 * 360 mm
Model: 2xz-15c

2XZ-15C vacuum pump

Is the rotary vane vacuum pump accessories Universal?

Many users asked that the vacuum pump model is right. Why can’t the parts they bought be used?

Take 2xz-15c rotary vane vacuum pump as an example. In fact, as long as the design parameters and performance requirements meet the corresponding standards, we can call this vacuum pump 2xz-15c. But different manufacturers have different design ideas, resulting in different models and accessories.

Therefore, when purchasing vacuum pump accessories, you need to know not only the product model, but also the pump manufacturer. Therefore, when users purchase accessories, they must indicate the manufacturer.

Safety warning:

● the application of the equipment in the industrial system with high current equipment depends on the working conditions, especially in the application of harmful media, improper operation will lead to serious personal injury or property loss.

● only qualified personnel are allowed to operate the equipment!

● when operating the equipment, the operator must be able to get the operation manual and other relevant product information provided at any time, and must abide by these regulations.

● unqualified personnel are not allowed to operate or access the equipment!

● if it is used in coal mines, it must be equipped with explosion-proof motors of corresponding grades, and the explosion-proof motors shall have valid safety sign certificates; if it is driven by V-belt, it shall use anti-static and flame-retardant V-belt.

● if it is used in coal mines, monitoring and safety equipment must be installed in strict accordance with the requirements of coal mine safety regulations.

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