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Australia is a developed country in industry. It always needs high-performance and energy-efficient vacuum pumps for various industrial operations. The Australian vacuum pump Market prefers our products because our pumps have high functionality and excellent productivity.

Australia Vacuum Pump huge variety of pumps that incorporate Vacuum Pumps,Dry pump ,Industrial Vacuum Pump, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Rotary High Vacuum Pumps, Liquid Rings Vacuum Pumps, Oil Seal Rotary High Vacuum Pumps etc. The pumps have outstanding aspects like sturdiness, consistency, noiseless and minimal vibration operations. They require almost nil maintenance and are easy to install. Consequently they are much admired among the industries of Australia.

Because of its superior performance, dry vacuum pump has become the preferred vacuum acquisition equipment in microelectronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, precision processing and other industries in Europe, America and Japan. On the basis of screw compressor, Japan has developed the multi-head rotor profile of vacuum pump and put it into the market very early. Several German vacuum equipment companies have gradually developed rotor profiles with equal pitch and variable pitch, and have done a lot of research on the key technical issues of screw pump in the aspect of rotor and body cooling.

Vacuum pumps, as pumping equipment, have various types of vacuum pumps with different industrial needs. The products that dominate this technical field in the 20th century are oil-smooth and sealed pumps, which discharge oil mist and seriously pollute the environment. Only a few industrial special needs can oil-free pumps or water-ring pumps be used (wet). This kind of pump has low vacuum, serious water consumption and energy consumption. If there are dry requests, it has to adopt complicated physical and chemical adsorption, condensing low-temperature wrist. The cost is very expensive, such as membrane pump, low vacuum, low pumping speed, adsorption pump, not only low pumping speed, but also high cost of liquid nitrogen, which can be directly discharged into the atmosphere and in general. The pumps connecting high vacuum units have their own shortcomings. Dry pumps are not suitable for large industrial applications. Until the 1980s, a kind of claw pumps came out, but the pumping speed is difficult to do, the manufacturing is difficult and the cost is high. In addition, Roots pumps with multi-blade series stop in series are also used, and their defects are the same as claw pumps.

Dry vacuum pump refers to a mechanical vacuum pump that can pump air from atmospheric pressure and directly discharge gas into the atmosphere. There is no oil or other working medium in the pump chamber. Moreover, the limit pressure of the pump is the same or close to that of the oil-sealed vacuum pump.

At present, most mechanical vacuum pumps use oil, water or other fluids as the working medium of the pump, which plays many roles such as cooling, sealing and lubricating in the pump. With the development of science and technology and the expansion of vacuum application field, two urgent problems have arisen in the original vacuum pump: first, the working explanation of the pump, the reflux pollution of the pumped container, which in many cases affects the quality and quantity of the product and increases the maintenance cost of the equipment; second, the vacuum is caused by the reactants in some process. The medium in the pump is seriously deteriorated, which means that the pump can not work properly. Dry vacuum pumps will be used at this time.


The application of dry vacuum pump mainly includes the following aspects:

Preparation of Polycrystalline Silicon in Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition

In semiconductor etching processes, corrosive gases and abrasive particles are often used or generated in these processes.

In addition to semiconductor technology, some processes that produce particulate matter do not want particulate matter to be mixed into the pump oil, but expect particulate matter to be discharged from the pump. A certain type of dry vacuum pump can meet the requirements.

In the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, distillation, drying, defoaming, packaging, etc., to prevent organic solvents pollution, suitable for dry vacuum pumps.

It is used as the front pump of general oil-free cleaning vacuum system to prevent oil pollution.

dry vacuum pumps as a new generation of energy-saving products, dry vacuum pumps are popular in Australian vacuum pump market. Dry vacuum pumps have been widely used. For example, in many industrial processes, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding and so on, they are widely used. There is a great demand in the market.

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