Vacuum pumps for machinery industry

Vacuum pumps for machinery industry for precautions.

Vacuum pumps are widely used in the machinery industry.At this time, we need to pay attention to something.What do you need to pay attention to?

1. Whether the vibration generated during operation has any effect on process and environment.If not allowed, non-vibration pump or anti-vibration measures should be adopted.Generally speaking, when the vacuum pump is selected correctly, it will not produce excessive vibration unless the selection is too small and the work is too heavy.This phenomenon can lead to equipment overload, heating and motor burnout.Check the vibration principle in the process of using and remove the fault reasonably.If not, consult the manufacturer.
2.When choosing a newspaper, we should know the composition of the extracted gas.The gas contains no condensable vapors, particulate dust and corrosive properties.When choosing, you must understand the gas composition and select the appropriate pump for pumping gas.If the gas contains steam, particles, and corrosive gases, you can consider adding auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, dust collector, on the inlet pipe.Generally, the inlet temperature of the vacuum should not be higher than 50 degrees.If it is above 50 degrees, the installation of condenser should be considered.If the inlet gas contains impurities, a dust collector or similar device should be installed at the time of importation of the equipment.
3. Under working pressure, it should be able to remove all gases produced in the process of vacuum equipment.
4. Assemble the equipment correctly.Due to the selective pumping function of the vacuum pump, sometimes one pump cannot meet the pumping requirements.In order to meet the requirements of pumping, it is necessary to combine multiple pumps to complement each other. In addition, some can not work at atmospheric pressure, need pre-vacuum; some outlet pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, so we need to use the pump combination.
5. Requirements of vacuum equipment for oil pollution.If the equipment is not oil-free, various oil-free pumps shall be selected. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose to have oil pumps, plus some anti-oil pollution measures, such as adding cold traps, baffles, oil traps, etc.And the requirements for cleaning the vacuum can also be met.
6. Correctly select the working point of the vacuum pump.
7. What is the impact of the oil vapor emitted by the equipment on the environment?If the environment is not allowed to be polluted, oil-free type can be chosen, or oil vapor can be discharged outdoors.
8. The working pressure of the equipment should meet the vacuum and working pressure requirements of the vacuum equipment.
9. Equipment price, operation and maintenance cost.

This reminds you that when vacuum pumps are used in machinery industry, we should follow the precautions mentioned above, which can not only reduce the damage to equipment, but also protect our own safety.

Vacuum pumps for machinery industry

Liquid ring vacuum pump for plastic industry

Suitable for various applications

The new series of standard liquid ring vacuum suits are very suitable for use in damp, dusty and dirty environments common in industrial production processes. The pump is simple and robust, and can reliably provide vacuum for a range of industries including food and beverage, dairy products, mining, chemical industry, petroleum, steel, cement, plastics, textiles and food processing.

The liquid ring pump is equipped with a fixed vane impeller, which is located in the eccentric position of the cylindrical shell. When the impeller rotates, the liquid (usually water) is discharged by centrifugal force, thus forming a liquid ring around the shell, sealing the tip of the impeller and forming a separate closed chamber between each blade. Because the impeller is in eccentric position, the volume of these chambers will change with the rotation of the axis, and play the role of inhaling and compressing process gases.

The liquid ring vacuum pump includes a single stage pump and a two stage pump.The single stage pump is designed for operation above 200 mbar (A) and is ideal for filtration or wet delivery.The limit pressure can reach 6 * 102 pa.
Our liquid ring vacuum pumps provide plug and play modules or customized systems for complex applications with a variety of configurations, suitable for open, semi-closed cycles or

It operates in a fully closed cycle mode.

For semi-closed or fully closed recovery system, stainless steel is used as standard material for pump assembly, regardless of the structure material used for pump.

The liquid ring vacuum pump includes a single stage pump and a two stage pump.Our pumps are specially designed for operation over 200 millibars (A), and are very suitable for filtration or wet transportation applications.The limit pressure can reach 6 * 102 pa.

These pumps are ideal for circulating evacuation applications such as suction, dipping or sterilization.The AWD two-stage pump is a precision-adjusted machine that focuses on delivering consistently high performance at operating pressures below 200 mbar(a). Two synchronous pumping chambers working in series can provide optimum performance for continuous key process applications such as bottling, degassing and solvent recovery.

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