regulating gate valve type selection and principle

With the rise and fall of the international economy in recent years, the market of regulating gate valve is constantly changing, whether it is the industry of regulating gate valve or other traditional industries. Nowadays, the combination of online and offline Internet makes the traditional industry need innovation and transformation. Now, let’s learn about the type selection skills of the regulating gate valve.

Regulating the gate valve is to choose the most suitable product according to many factors such as medium pressure, displacement, back pressure, etc. for regulating the gate valve, we must choose the right one, not the expensive one. The regulating gate valve is a kind of energy-saving valve product, so choosing the right one, especially the high-quality one, will save energy and improve production efficiency, which will be dozens of times of the investment in purchasing the regulating gate valve. Here, we will analyze the type selection of the regulating gate valve for the pipeline with different media, but the specific selection of the type and diameter of the regulating gate valve depends on the specific parameter calculation.

For the selection of regulating gate valve, high sensitivity, accurate steam blocking and drainage, no leakage of steam, can improve steam utilization rate, reliable working performance, high back pressure rate, long service life and convenient maintenance are the preferred conditions.

1. In the production process of heat exchange equipment, drying room, fast heat exchanger, distillation equipment, etc., which need rapid temperature rise and do not allow the presence of condensate, mechanical type regulating plug valve should be selected.

The mechanical type regulating gate valve is not affected by the working temperature and pressure change. It can discharge when there is water, and the degree of supercooling is small. There is no water in the heating equipment, which can make the heating equipment reach the optimal working temperature. Among them, the structure of the free floating ball steam regulating gate valve is the most advanced, very sensitive, the minimum subcooling degree is 0 ° C, it can discharge saturated temperature condensate without steam leakage, and has the most advantages, which can make the heating equipment achieve the best working efficiency. It is the most ideal regulating gate valve for production process heating equipment.

2. In the steam pipe, heat tracing pipeline, small heating equipment, heating equipment and steam equipment with low temperature requirements, the thermostatic type regulating plug valve should be selected.

The thermal static type regulating gate valve has large supercooling degree and low condensate discharge temperature, which can make full use of the sensible heat of high temperature condensate, and has good energy saving effect. Among them, the structure of bellows type steam regulating gate valve is the most advanced, which does not need manual adjustment, and is very sensitive. The maximum supercooling degree is 15 ℃ and 30 ℃ for selection. It is not afraid of freezing. It is small in size and can be installed in any position. It can be repaired and replaced on the pipeline. It saves money and labor, has a long service life, and is widely used. It is a fine product of the thermostatic type regulating gate valve.

3. On the high temperature and high pressure superheated steam pipeline and equipment, the special regulating gate valve for superheated steam should be selected.

The superheated steam regulating gate valve can separate the high temperature condensate produced when the superheated steam disappears under the harsh working conditions of high temperature, high pressure and small load. Among them, the disc type steam insulation type regulating flapper valve uses pipe steam to insulate the main steam chamber of the regulating gate valve, with advanced structure. Without condensate water, the regulating gate valve is tightly closed, with high working quality and long service life. It is a special regulating gate valve for high-pressure superheated steam.

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