Dry vacuum pump selection

For different types of dry vacuum pumps, we are all eager to reduce their physical size. But this contradicts the pumping rate of the vacuum pump, because the pumping rate of the vacuum pump is proportional to the volume of the vacuum pump, small physical size means that the volume is also small.

Of course, there is another important factor affecting the pumping rate of vacuum pumps, that is, speed. In order to match the pumping rate of small-sized vacuum pump with that of large-sized vacuum pump, it is necessary to increase its speed. There are two ways to change the speed of the vacuum pump, one is to change the frequency of the power supply, that is, to use a frequency converter; the other is to change the transmission ratio of the gearbox. The advantage of frequency converter is that it can provide a closed loop control, but it is easy to cause torque loss under heavy load. Changing the transmission ratio of the gearbox is a very economical method, of course, it can only provide an uncontrollable single speed.

Screw Vacuum Pump
LG Series Screw Vacuum Pump

Technical parameters:

Model Unit LG50 LG70 LG100 LG150 LG200 LG300 LG350
Suction Capacity 50 Hz m³/hr 180 250 430 540 720 1080 1260
60 Hz 216 300 360 650 850 1296 1512
Ultimate Pressure 50 Hz mbar 0.02
60 Hz 0.01
Motor power 50 Hz Kw 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 22
60 Hz 7.5 11 15 15 22 26 26
Rotary Speed 50 Hz RPM 2900
60 Hz 3550
Inlet diam mm 50 65 70 90 100 100 100
Outlet diam mm 40 40 55 65 65 65 65
Lubricating oil consumption L 0.85 0.85 1.4 2 2 2 2
Cooling water consumption L/min 2.5 2.6 2.8 3 4 4 4
gal/min 0.67 0.7 0.75 0.8 1.07 1.07 1.07
Weight Kg 295 350 480 520 680 850 850
Noise dB(A) 68 70 70 72 74 84 84
Working temperature 5~40
Max. Permissible humidity / 90%


In order to enhance the performance of dry vacuum pump products, and to give full play to its value and practical ability, highlight the continuous improvement of its practical advantages of products, to improve its superior ability of quality and practical performance with high-efficiency product production strength, from the application of equipment to the promotion of the actual product development ability, so that it is reliable. In the process of utilizing the advantages of productivity development, we should speed up the upgrading of product performance and application strength, further enhance the overall improvement of the practical value of its products, and highlight the pioneering strength of its product performance.

Through the enhancement of the strength of dry vacuum pump products, the embodiment of its practical performance is accelerated continuously, the overall driving force of its actual superiority level is enhanced by the comprehensive application of the products, and the promotion of its actual product capacity is accelerated, so that the product strength of the equipment can be brought into full play under the overall utilization of the advantages of expanding the practical effect of the products. Speed up the improvement of the equipment’s high efficiency superiority ability, so as to speed up the continuous development of its quality and practical superiority, and enhance the practical ability of the equipment.


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