Roots Vacuum Pumps of Common Faults

Roots vacuum pump needs to choose a suitable operation method to achieve good results during use. Let’s learn about the common faults of Roots vacuum pumps.

Roots Vacuum Pumps of Common Faults

Roots vacuum pumps are very important vacuum equipment for vacuum systems in industrial production. The ultimate vacuum may not be reached in actual use. In this case, please check whether the system pipeline is leaking by mistake, and whether the pipeline connecting with the roots pump is leaking, check whether the ultimate pressure of the foreline pump is sufficient, check whether the lubricating oil is too dirty, and check the oil seal of the roots vacuum pump. Whether it is worn out.

Roots vacuum pumps

If the pump body of the Roots vacuum pump is overheated, it may be because the pumping speed of the foreline pump is not enough and the inlet pressure is too high. At this time, it is necessary to adjust and control the inlet pressure to avoid friction between the rotor and the pump body or the middle wall, and to avoid poor lubrication of gears and bearings. The abnormal sound may be due to poor assembly of the Roots vacuum pump, or the position of the gear and the rotor moving, causing the rotor to collide, the inlet pressure is too high, the bearing is worn, and the gear is damaged. The overload of the motor may be because the inlet pressure is too high, exceeding the load capacity, the rotor section and the end face of the end cover contact friction, the overflow valve is stuck, and the inlet and outlet pressure difference is too large.

Roots vacuum pump

The above is about the common faults of Roots vacuum pumps. You can choose the appropriate method according to the actual operation requirements to avoid unnecessary losses caused by blind operation. If you have other questions, you can pay attention to our website. We will update the website articles regularly. Hope to be helpful.

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