Selecting a vacuum pump

What should be considered when selecting a vacuum pump?

The function of vacuum pump is to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber, and make it reach the required vacuum degree. Generally speaking, there is a large range from atmosphere to extremely high vacuum. So far, no vacuum system can cover this range. Therefore, the middle ring vacuum pump needs to choose different vacuum system configuration in order to meet the requirements of process index, working efficiency, working life of equipment and different vacuum sections of different products. In order to achieve the best configuration, the following points should be considered in the selection:

Because if the kind of pumped gas reacts with the liquid in the pump, the pump system will be polluted. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the appropriate exhaust time and the amount of gas produced in the process of extraction.

check and determine the time required to reach the required vacuum, the flow resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipe. After the required vacuum degree is reached, the air extraction rate required to maintain vacuum under certain process requirements is considered.



s is the pumping rate of vacuum pump (L / s)
V is the volume of vacuum chamber (L)
t time required to reach the required vacuum (s)
P1 is the initial air pressure in the container
P2 is the air pressure in the container after air extraction

Influencing factors

It determines the size of the product. The higher the air extraction request, the larger the product volume, and the higher the motor power required. It is to determine the structure of the product, and the vacuum degree has two readings of gauge pressure and absolute pressure. Absolute pressure means that the reading is absolute, that is, the closer the reading is to ‘0 \’, the higher the vacuum degree is. But on the contrary, the closer the gauge pressure is to 760mmh ɡ, the higher the vacuum degree is. If the absolute pressure (limit vacuum) you request is close to ‘0 \’, only the vacuum pump can meet this demand.

Selecting a vacuum pump

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