5.5kw Single Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump for Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming is a kind of technology that the strip is bent laterally by many different shapes of rolls, and finally forms a specific section shape. It is suitable for the forming of high-strength steel. For the martensitic steel with tensile strength of 1500 MPa, it has mature industrial application. Roll forming is a process of continuous rolling and forming one by one. The products with different cross-section shapes are obtained by modifying the roll surface. The independent controlled servo motor is added to the frame. The horizontal movement of the frame in the process of plate forming is realized by computer programming. The production process of variable cross-section and flexibility is formed, which extends the application limitations of the original single cross-section products.

It is difficult to use a single theoretical subject to analyze the process of elastic-plastic deformation in the process of roll forming. At the same time, in the process of deformation, there are still lateral torsion and displacement deformation in the process of roll forming. A large number of experts and scholars at home and abroad have made great progress in the research of forming theory and roll forming technology. However, due to the complex forming process and the interaction of influencing factors, so far, there is no theory that can accurately simulate and analyze roll forming.


The type selection of vacuum pump of roll forming machine. The vacuum pump of roll forming machine produced by our company has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, strong durability, strong applicability, low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, etc. In the roll forming machine industry, it is the best choice for the roll forming machine with wide adaptability, excellent quality and low price.

Single stage water ring vacuum pump, advanced design, high corrosion resistance. It is a compact, durable, safe and environment-friendly vacuum pump, which can reduce the deformation of molding products, and is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, especially for the use of various mechanical equipment.

Vacuum pump of roll forming machine features:

1. Precise design, solid structure, light weight, easy to install and maintain

2. Air cooling (air cooling)

3. The value knot drive can avoid the looseness or loss of the rotating belt and gear

4. With high efficiency oil mist filter, it is not necessary to discharge the gas out of the room

5. There is a check valve at the air inlet. When the pump stops, the check valve can isolate the pump in the system and avoid the reverse flow of vacuum oil

6. Low vibration, no need to fix the pump with foundation bolt

7. The running sound is low

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