2BV5131 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump basic types

According to the different structure, the liquid ring pump can be divided into the following types:

The limit pressure of single-stage liquid ring pump can reach 8-2 × 103pa, the limit pressure of double-stage liquid ring pump can reach 1 × 102pa, and the exhaust volume is 0.25-500m3/h.

(1) Single stage single acting liquid ring pump: single stage means that there is only one impeller, and single acting means that each rotation, suction and discharge of the impeller are carried out once respectively. The vacuum pump has high limit vacuum, but low speed and efficiency.

(2) Single stage double acting liquid ring pump: single stage means that there is only one impeller, and double acting means that every revolution of impeller, suction and discharge twice. Compared with single acting liquid ring pump, double acting liquid ring pump greatly reduces the size and weight of vacuum pump at the same speed.

(3) Double stage liquid ring pump: double stage liquid ring pumps are mostly single acting series pumps. In fact, the impellers of two single-stage single acting liquid ring pumps are connected by mandrel. Its main feature is that it still has large pumping speed and stable working conditions under high vacuum condition.

Liquid ring vacuum pump main application advantages

The old vacuum pump has obvious defects in use. For example, gases can only be transported and extracted with relatively clean air quality.

Some air contains relatively high quality liquid vapor or relatively high condensed particles. Or some toxic, flammable and explosive gases. It is difficult to use a vacuum transfer pump. At present, the emergence of liquid ring vacuum pump meets the market demand and conforms to the market trend. The benefits of this application are recognized by everyone.

Integrated control with simple structure and easy to use.

Modern liquid ring vacuum pump can meet the requirements of liquid absorption, and its structure is relatively simple. It can be assembled for use. Because the control is integrated, it is more convenient to use. Even inexperienced people can create a vacuum container in a vacuum environment without worrying about damaging the delivery pump. Relatively speaking, this method is more secure and greatly improves people’s work efficiency.

You can work safely in a relatively complex work environment.

With the emergence of liquid seal and vacuum pump, people can be extracted and transported in relatively professional air environment (such as flammable and explosive gas, toxic gas, gas containing liquid vapor or condensate). It is realized with particulate gas, which is not easy to become dangerous in the use process and relatively safe for the staff. At present, the machine is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, food, metallurgy, chemical fiber, leather and other industries, and widely used in printing and dyeing and other industries.

This kind of liquid sealed vacuum delivery pump can better meet the requirements of bad working conditions, so it has been widely used in many chemical fields, greatly improving the safety of users and preventing accidents.

2BV5131 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BV5131 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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