Vacuum system of paper products processing

At present, in the field of papermaking, after raw materials such as wood are processed into pulp, a series of complex processes are used to obtain glued paper. After that, the adhesive paper is laminated in an open environment. However, when the lamination process is carried out in an open environment, due to the influence of air and other factors, the paper quality after lamination may be reduced, and the paper production efficiency is relatively low. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the prior art, a vacuum pressing device is provided, which is a vacuum system for the processing of paper products, and has high output and high production efficiency when pressing paper.

The vacuum pressing device includes oil cylinder parts, machine body, hot oil pipeline system, hot plate system, vacuum system and pneumatic control system. The machine body includes frame, front bin and back bin. The frame, front bin and rear bin are connected by bolts, and the rear bin door is fixed on the rear bin by bolts.

What is the technological process of papermaking?

1. Paper selection and color matching

2. Product layout and design

3. Paper cutting

4. Paper processing (paper printing, bronzing, embossing, etc.)

5. Hollow paper

6. Packaging of finished products

Vacuum system of paper products processing

The use of paper product packaging is very extensive. The use of various types of paper packaging has covered all aspects of human life and production. With the in-depth application of paper product packaging in the field of consumption, the behavior of consumers also puts forward new requirements for the paper product industry, that is, taking the downstream industry as the sales object, not paying attention to product marketing. The performance design and decoration design of paper packaging products have become the direction of product development in the industry. A variety of new equipment, processes and technologies have been developed to design paper packaging with strong folding resistance and pressure resistance, good printing effect and more kinds of packaging patterns. The application of product processing can meet the needs of consumers. However, it cannot be ignored that the environment of paper processing industry

Protection has become a highly valued country, and the cost of paper packaging manufacturers in reducing pollution and consumption will increase.

Vacuum system is a multifunctional vacuum system developed by the company for the current market demand. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, environmental protection, energy saving and low noise. Ideal vacuum collection equipment in the industry.

For customers with multiple vacuum pumps, creating a central vacuum system is a very economical option. Generally, the operation of the central vacuum system consumes much less electric energy than the operation of several independent operating vacuum pumps. Another very important advantage: improved reliability and reduced downtime. In addition, the vacuum pump is placed far away from the production area, which greatly removes the heat and noise sources, improves the quality of the working environment, and improves the output. We have experience in designing and installing central vacuum systems in different fields.

At present, the central vacuum system provided by our company has been widely recognized by customers in printing factories, electronic semiconductor industry, solar photovoltaic industry, food industry and other industries.

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