Vacuum pump in biogas slag suction car

The vacuum pump can’t pump biogas residue directly. You understand it wrong. When the biogas slurry is pumped by a vacuum pump, a certain amount of negative pressure is generated in the iron tank of the biogas truck to work.

Biogas vacuum pump is widely used in biogas digester, toilet, fishpond, pig factory, hotel, factory and city sewage

The pump is the core part of vacuum suction and discharge vehicle in operation. It draws the air in the sealed tank to a certain vacuum, forming a negative pressure in the tank, so that all kinds of fluids such as fecal liquid, sewage, oil and so on below or above the ground are automatically sucked into the tank for harvesting and transportation.

Problems of vacuum pump in biogas slag suction truck

1. When the vacuum pump draws air from the tank and reaches a certain negative pressure for slag suction, generally, the back-end valve is closed first, and then the vacuum pump is stopped. At the moment, there is still a certain degree of vacuum in the tank, and the mechanical oil will be sucked into the tank (visible through the steel hose for connection).

2. When the vacuum pump sprays vigorously into the tank, because the vehicle is working on the field, there must be a shift demand. However, if you trample on the clutch, the pump will stop. If the vacuum pump stops working, it will cause a lot of machine oil to be sprayed outside.

Because the rotary vane vacuum pump requires a certain amount of mechanical oil to be smooth and sealed, and the existence of the above two phenomena will lead to the loss of more than 1L of stored mechanical oil, which requires the operators to make up for it. In this way, it not only constitutes a great waste of human and material resources, but also reduces the operating power and even damages the vacuum pump parts, and also causes certain pollution, which severely restricts this kind of vehicle The implementation and application of.

In order to overcome the above problems, some enterprises choose to refit “air compressor” instead of “vacuum pump”, but the production cost is greatly increased, and the air compressor body is too large, and the layout is difficult.

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