Roots liquid ring unit for silicone

Organic silicon

These substances are the basic members of the organic silicon family, as well as the basic elements of many organic silicon, which can be used to produce rich and diverse organic silicon polymers. Due to the excellent properties of these polymers, they appear in a large number of applications and products. D4, D5 and D6 are most often used as raw materials, meaning that these substances are used in the manufacturing process and are present in extremely low levels in the final product.

The use of D4, D5 and D6 in consumer products has been extensively studied and is arguably one of the most thoroughly studied substances. Evaluation data for D4, D5 and D6 indicate that these substances as components are safe to use in the product as originally required.

Organosilicone polymers exhibit a wide range of chemical and physical properties and have a variety of product forms, including:

Oil and grease
Organosilicon is resistant to moisture, chemical, heat and cold, ultraviolet radiation. Due to its various properties, organosilicon can be found in thousands of products in construction, consumer products, electronics, energy, medical treatment, transportation and other application fields.

Roots liquid ring unit for silicone

Roots liquid ring unit

Roots liquid ring unit, two sets of combination one for use and one for backup, automatic switching.

Before the level of liquid ring
2 bv5. 161
Primary roots
Maximum pumping speed
720 m3 / h
Extreme pressure
400 pa

Roots liquid ring vacuum unit of cooling mode

Do you know the cooling method of roots liquid ring vacuum unit? Let small make up to introduce to you.

Roots liquid ring vacuum unit, energy conversion, there is always a small part of the loss into heat, it must be through the motor shell and the surrounding medium heat out ceaselessly, this process of send out quantity of heat, cooling, we are called the zibo bo special pump co., LTD. To tell you about roots liquid ring vacuum cooling way of four kinds of cooling unit

1. Internal cooling of rotor. In order to make the roots liquid ring vacuum unit work under higher pressure difference, a more effective cooling method can be adopted, that is, the rotor is cooled with circulating oil, and oil holes and oil diameter shaft heads are driven into the two ends of the vacuum unit shaft respectively, and then discharged from the other end through the inner wall of the rotor.

2. Air cooling. That is, the air inhaled by the interstage or double-stage pump is compressed and transmitted through the combination of integrated absorption and phase difference muffler.

3. Cool down. The roots liquid ring vacuum unit generates heat for transporting and compressing gases, which must be transmitted from the rotor to the shell.

4. Oil film cooling of rotor. The cooling method is to connect an oil pipeline at the inlet of the roots liquid ring vacuum unit, and take the heat of the rotor with a uniform drip of cooling oil.

The above content is organized and introduced by EVP company for you. When the temperature of roots liquid ring vacuum unit is too high, different cooling methods can be adopted to avoid losses. I hope the above knowledge has been helpful to you.

Above is the unit cooling method introduction.

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