Rotary vane vacuum pump in production of barium salt

In recent years, many barium salt manufacturers have converted the production of barium salt to 0200-1 due to the use of water ring vacuum pump for filtration. Its vacuum degree is low, the structure is complex, easy to damage, high maintenance cost and heavy workload. The phenomenon that maintenance does not affect production in time. The development of barium salt industry should focus on improving product quality and product structure. Therefore, it is suggested to use rotary vane vacuum pump in the production of barium salt.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in production of barium salt

At present, the new breakthroughs of barium salt rotary vane vacuum pump technology are as follows: using barite reduction furnace with high boiling point reduction rate, using natural gas or gas reducing agent; adding appropriate alkali metal carbonate to directly convert barite into precipitation at high temperature; bismuth carbonate is generated by hydrazine or double decomposition; barium salt is produced by ion exchange; and; New varieties of particles, microparticles, ultrafine particles, electrons and special barium salts are constantly developing.

Focusing on the product quality of rotary vane vacuum pump, continuous innovation has improved the core competitiveness of the company, created a good after-sales service experience for customers, and won a good reputation of customers with action.

Barium salt is an important inorganic salt. Bismuth zinc (lead powder, a certain amount of mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide) is used in coatings, rubber, ink, papermaking and other industries. Barium chloride is used to make barium containing organic pigments, and barium borate is used in ceramics. In the coating industry, barium nitrate is used to make fireworks, signal torches and so on. Cerium salt is the general name of salts in which all cations are cerium ions (Ba2 +), in which the valence of cerium is + 2. Common barium salts are: barium sulfate, barium nitrate, barium chloride, barium carbonate, barium cyanide, etc. In the process of preparing barium salt, barite ore is reduced and calcined to obtain barium sulfide, and then barium sulfide is used as raw material to produce various barium salts. For example, barium sulfide reacts with zinc sulfate to form bismuth zinc white, which is formed by reaction with hydrogen chloride. Barium chloride reacts with boron ore in alkaline solution to form barium metaborate, and reacts with soda ash to form barium carbonate.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump of application:

Gas type: clean and dry air, no other mixture at room temperature. Air with other dust and moisture is not allowed.
Working requirements: the continuous working time of inlet pressure is more than 6500pa, and should not exceed 3 minutes, so as to avoid pumping due to fuel injection.

Working requirements: the inlet pressure is less than 1330pa, and it is allowed to work continuously for a long time.
Ambient temperature: rotary vane vacuum pump is usually used in the environment at room temperature of not less than 5 degrees C and relative humidity not exceeding 90%.

The rotation of the rotary vane vacuum pump greatly accelerates the filtration speed of the viscous material which is difficult to filter, which plays a good role in improving the output and quality of the product, and creates favorable conditions for further improving the output. In addition, the rotary vane vacuum pump has reasonable structure, warm performance, safe and reliable use, long service life, low energy consumption and convenient installation and maintenance. This is the actual effect of rotary vane vacuum pump in barium salt production.

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