Vacuum pump application

The vacuum pump is used to remove the vacuum air or any gas particles in the container. It is used in various industrial applications. It is used in the production of cathode ray tubes, light bulbs and lamps, semiconductor materials, glass coatings, etc. According to the industrial demand and application, various types of vacuum pumps are produced. Liquid ring vacuum pump, single cone vacuum pump, two-stage vacuum pump, double blade roots blower, chemical process pump, etc. These types are based on different technologies, such as positive displacement, momentum transfer, interception, etc. A positive displacement produces a low vacuum. Under the cooperation of positive displacement pump, high vacuum can be produced by momentum transfer.

The number of vacuum pumps is the same as the purpose. Classification is a complex and often changing process. However, the scope can be reduced to two categories: delivery pump and capture pump or interception pump. The trapping pump works by trapping molecules in a limited space.

Another classification of vacuum pump is compressed air vacuum pump and mechanical pump. The compressed air pump works according to Bernoulli’s principle, which relies on the pressure difference to create a vacuum. Mechanical vacuum pump usually has motor as power source, but it can instead rely on internal combustion engine to extract air from the closed space and release it to the atmosphere. Rotary vacuum pump is one of the most popular mechanical pumps. Each rotor is placed around the shaft and rotates at high speed. The air is captured and moved through the air inlet, creating a vacuum at the rear.

With the development of technology, the available vacuum pump also develops. Pumps designed for use in one industry, such as dry vacuum pumps (originally created for the semiconductor industry), have been modified for use in other fields. There seems to be no limit to the function of the vacuum pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump:

It is designed for liquid, water, gas, air execution in paper, coal, pharmaceutical, textile, refinery and many other industrial production houses. It is designed to operate under appropriate liquid vapor pressure. It uses liquid, usually water, to create the required pressure vacuum. Vacuum pumps are used to produce low steam pressure. High tolerance vacuum pressure is one of the main advantages of liquid ring vacuum pump. It is more stable and non reactive to explosive gases, so it is widely used in dealing with explosive and toxic gases.

Two stage water ring vacuum pump

Two stage water ring vacuum pump:

Compared with the traditional single-stage vacuum pump, it can produce high vacuum under the specified pressure. This kind of two-stage water expands the capacity of single-stage vacuum and overcomes the limitation of single-stage vacuum pump to increase and maintain the vacuum pressure by more than 70%. Compared with the single-stage water ring vacuum pump, the vacuum capacity of the pump is increased by 50%, and the energy consumption is reduced.

Chemical process pump:

Chemical process pumps are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. The pump is widely used in cooling tower, heating and air conditioning equipment. Chemical process pumps have different suction capacity and support head range in the market.

Vacuum pump application:

Its use is not limited to specific industries. Vacuum pump is widely used in many industries, science and industrial processes.

Scientific research is widely used in vacuum pump. Electron microscopy, radiotherapy, surgical equipment, pharmaceutical technology, R & D instruments are the separate use places of vacuum pump, and also the places combined with other machines.

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of known water ring vacuum pump, which is used for gas compression. It uses liquid such as water, oil or other liquid to generate vapor pressure and generate vacuum in the container.

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