KT oil diffusion pump

What is the KT oil diffusion pump:

KT oil diffusion pump is an important equipment for obtaining high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum. The main characteristic dimension is the inlet diameter of the pump. When the inlet diameter is determined, other connection dimensions and main performance parameters are stipulated in the standard. The inlet diameter of the diffusion pump is between 65-1600mm, the minimum pressure is up to 10-8PA, and the pumping rate can rise from tens to tens of tens of tens of liters per second, and the maximum outlet pressure is between 30-70PA.

The KT oil diffusion pump is mainly composed of five parts, namely, the oil blocking cap, the pump body, the pump core, the electric heater and the oil baffle. By changing the shape and size of these five parts, many different structural forms can be derived. The oil diffusion pump can be divided into two types: water cooling and non water cooling according to the oil retaining cap. According to the pump body oil diffusion pump can be divided into straight cavity pump and convex cavity pump, according to the pump core steam nozzle series, can be divided into two-stage pump, three-stage pump, four-stage pump and five-stage pump.

KT oil diffusion pump application range:

It is widely used in vacuum metallurgy, vacuum heat treatment, euhedral coating, electronics industry, aerospace, atomic energy and other industrial fields.

According to the location of the heater, it can be divided into an internal heating diffusion pump and an external heating diffusion pump. Most of the pumps sold in the market are external heating, and the heater is a common electric furnace. The heat loss is relatively large. From the point of view of energy saving, internal heating pump should be developed in the future, but the problems of electric insulation of heater and sealing through pump wall should be solved reasonably.

There are also some accessories on the diffusion pump, including oil temperature relay, water temperature apparatus, oil mark, filling port, oil outlet, quick cooler and so on. In fact, the fast cooler is a cooling water pipe winding at the bottom of the pump body near the electric furnace. The pump is not open when the pump is working. When the pump stops heating, the pump is put into the cooling water. The purpose is to cool the oil of the diffusion pump quickly so as to stop the operation of the front machine pump and achieve the purpose of saving time and saving electricity. The fast cooler can pass water until the pump bottom temperature is close to 50 degrees.

KT Series Oil Diffusion Pump

KT oil diffusion pump use of attention:

The new pump can directly pick up the vacuum system. Old pumps or long term new pumps should be cleaned before replacing the vacuum system.

1. remove impurities and oil stains on the surface of the pump core and pump wall.

2. Use acetone, carbon tetrachloride or clean gasoline to scrub the surfaces of the zeros and the inner wall of the pump. Glass oil diffusion pump is scrubbed with potassium dichromate washing solution. Keep the environment clean and dust free, then blow dry with hot air.

3. in order to fill the pump core in the pump body, adjust the gap at all levels of the nozzle, and then add the pump oil according to the specified quantity, can measure the depth of the oil layer according to experience, generally about 1? 2cm deep.

4. check whether the electric heating wire of the heating furnace is burned or short circuited, and whether the insulation performance and thermal insulation performance of the electric furnace are good.

5. check whether the water cooling pipe (or water cooling sleeve) is leaking or clogging, requiring smooth waterways and adequate water supply.

6. connect the pump to the vacuum system and leak out the system, and ask for the leakage rate of the system within the allowable range.


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