Liquid ring vacuum pump features

The 2BV series water (liquid) ring vacuum pump produced by our company is a new product developed according to the trend of environmental protection. And developed a series of stainless steel and anticorrosive coating series, suitable for the harsh use of the environment. It is directly installed in the motor shaft impeller centrifugal rotation in the pump body to make the gas continuously compressed and installed in the valve plate valve plate to complete the intake and exhaust work, so that the formation of a vacuum in the closed container.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of structural characteristics

Within the liquid ring vacuum pump is equipped with the belt, the eccentricity of the rotor blade (liquid) into the stator wall, the water in water (liquid) to form one of the stator of the liquid ring, liquid ring and rotor blade together form the variable volume, thus the air extracted from the equipment, maintain equipment of vacuum degree. Because of its unique structural characteristics, the page liquid ring pump in the industrial production of many processes have been applied, the following to understand its structural characteristics!

1, liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum up to 96%, can replace the two-stage pump.

2, the use of streamlined impeller design, compared to similar products energy saving 30%~50%, impeller made of high-quality stainless steel, good rigidity, toughness, corrosion resistance. (hydrochloric acid resistant pump)

3, adopts the design of motor and pump coaxial, greatly saves installation space, the motor shaft adopts 2 cr13 material, corrosion resistance.

4. 100% oil-free design is conducive to environmental protection.

5. Compact structure, small floor space, light weight, easy installation and use.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of advantages

1, simple structure, manufacturing precision requirements are not high, easy to process.

2, compact structure, liquid ring pump revolution is higher, generally can be directly connected with the motor, without reducing the device. Therefore, a small structure size can be used to obtain a large volume of air and a small floor area.

3, compressed gas is basically isothermal, that is, the process of compressed gas temperature change is very small.

4, because there is no metal friction surface in the vacuum pump cavity, there is no need to lubricate the pump, and wear is very small. Sealing between rotating and fixing parts can be done by water seal directly.

5. Even inhalation, stable and reliable work, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of defect

1, low efficiency, generally around 30%, better up to 50%.

2. Low vacuum, which is not only limited by the structure, but also by the saturated vapor pressure of working fluid. Using water as working fluid, the limit pressure can only reach 2000~4000Pa. Oil as working fluid, up to 130Pa.

In a word, because the liquid ring pump in the gas compression is isothermal, therefore can pumping flammable, explosive gas. Because there is no exhaust valve and the friction surface, therefore can be pumping gas with dust, non-condensable gas and water mixture. With these outstanding features, although its efficiency is low, is still widely used.

Liquid ring vacuum pump features

Liquid ring vacuum pump features

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