Dry vacuum pump in drying process

Dry vacuum pump in drying process of application

For many industries, it is hard to imagine without the drying process, such as frozen food, milk powder production, mud drying, wood drying, ceramic drying, and so on. In terms of the drying process, dry vacuum pump in which to play a role? Let’s take a look at the following:

The dry vacuum pump is used to complete the drying process, and the liquid contained in the processing material evaporates into steam under the action of pressure reduction. Vacuum drying is faster, milder and more energy efficient than heating and drying. This process is particularly suitable for drying chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other applications where overheating can lead to product destruction or degradation.

For example, during juice concentrate processing or freeze drying of coffee and fruit, using a dry vacuum pump helps to maintain consistency in product quality and retain important ingredients such as vitamins and flavors. Vacuum drying is especially suitable for drying products with a large surface area, such as synthetic plastic particles or other hygroscopic substances. In addition, vacuum can also be used for drying industrial components.

Dry vacuum pump can be operated in a very humid environment, the operation process does not need to work fluid. Because do not want to work fluid, because this also avoids processing material to be polluted possibly. This characteristic can meet the requirements of various drying process, is the ideal choice of drying process.

Dry vacuum pump in drying process

Dry vacuum pump in drying process

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