Roots blower for pipe cleaning

The roots blower for pipeline cleaning is used to remove dust and iron powder produced during replacement or overhaul of pipes, and is also used to supply various coatings in pipelines. Roots blower used for pipeline dust removal is mainly used for pipeline cleaning, which should cause dust accumulation due to long-term use of pipeline. The advantages of using roots blower as dust removal device are as follows:

Roots blower for pipe cleaning

First of all, Roots blower is a volumetric blower, with large air volume and high pressure, and the discharged air has stability. When the front resistance changes within the allowable range, the exhaust air volume changes very little.

In addition, the oil tank impeller of Roots blower is in separation, and the discharged air does not contain oil pollution, which ensures the cleanness of air.

Roots blower for pipeline cleaning has the following advantages:

1. The company imported the vertical machining center from Taiwan and Japan. The precision of Roots blower is about 10-20 wires. The appearance of the blower looks rough, but the inside is very exquisite.

2. Blower has more than 400 employees. It was founded in 2002. Over the past ten years, it has developed into a more mature company integrating machinery and management. The company integrates design, research and production into one, creating one miracle after another.

3、 All the purchased parts of the blower are famous brands at home and abroad, such as gates belt, Zhuzhou gear, NSK bearing in Japan, SKF Bearing in Sweden, FAG bearing in Germany, common motor and tto oil seal in Taiwan.

Numerous large and small blower manufacturers, customers in the purchase of blower must be clear eyes, if possible, can visit the factory. There are many pictures of production equipment stolen by small manufacturers on the network. In fact, only a few employees are operating in the whole factory. The quality of Roots blower for pipeline produced under such conditions cannot be recognized. We welcome every customer to visit, after-sale and give free technical support.

How to deal with roots blower over temperature? What is the impact?

Recently, we have received a lot of consultation about the over temperature of Roots blower. Today, I would like to talk about the over temperature problem of Roots blower.

1. Normal temperature
The inlet temperature of Roots blower should be lower than 40 ℃. If it is higher than this temperature, it needs cooling treatment. After the roots blower compresses the air, there will be heat dissipation, which will cause the body temperature to rise. The increased temperature is related to the pressure, which is about 100 ℃ under normal conditions.

2. Harm of overtemperature
If the temperature of Roots blower is too high, it will lead to seal damage, bearing damage and gear damage. If the temperature is too high, it will have a great impact on Roots blower.

3. What are the causes of over temperature?
The excessive temperature of Roots blower is related to many factors. The first is mechanical failure, such as serious impeller friction, bearing friction, belt slipping, etc., which may cause the temperature of Roots blower to be too high. When measuring the temperature, we should first observe whether the pressure and air volume of Roots blower are stable. If there is unstable situation, generally speaking, there is a fault and it needs to be stopped for inspection 。

The second is the influence of external temperature, such as poor heat dissipation, high inlet temperature, and the outlet pipe contacts with high temperature components. For example, in the production of melt blown cloth, the outlet of Roots blower is connected to the electric heater, which will affect the temperature of the outlet and the temperature of the blower.

4. What should we do if the temperature exceeds?
First of all, if it is a fault problem, we should first remove the fault. After the fault is eliminated, we should measure the temperature to see whether it meets the standard. Secondly, if it is affected by external factors, we should carry out cooling treatment. In this case, roots blower will not show any fault problems. The air volume is stable and the pressure is stable, which indicates that there is no problem with the blower, We just need to solve the gas temperature.

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