Best liquid ring vacuum pump

With the development of vacuum application, there are various kinds of vacuum pumps. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries. In the chemical industry, the common vacuum pumps are mainly variable volume vacuum pumps and jet vacuum pumps according to their working principles.

From the market sales of liquid ring vacuum pump, the application ability of this kind of products is very strong, and can adapt to the production and application of various industries, and effectively enhance the continuous expansion of production capacity, expand the promotion of the production process of its products, to show the superiority of the product with strength.

The liquid ring vacuum pump has always been paid attention to in obtaining rough vacuum, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum evaporation and so on. It is widely used in many industrial processes.


In order to pursue high profits, it is necessary to save energy as much as possible. So how to use the liquid ring vacuum pump to save energy?

1. The liquid ring vacuum pump is inclined to reduce elbow or volute turning, so that the outlet is in the pool.

2. Shortening the pipeline of liquid ring vacuum pump and removing 1 meter steel pipe can save 0.21 kg diesel oil in 10 hours.

3. Expanding the outlet pipe diameter of the liquid ring vacuum pump, such as replacing the 4-meter-long 10-centimeter outlet hose with 15-centimeter hose, can save 0.5 kilograms of diesel oil in 10 hours.

4. When the inlet water can be kept clean, the filter screen of the liquid ring vacuum pump can be removed.

5. Replace the liquid ring vacuum pump orifice ring and adjust the axial clearance to prevent the impeller orifice ring and the axial clearance from being inappropriate. When using, the liquid ring vacuum pump should be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Attention should be paid to the requirements so as to avoid damage to the equipment caused by improper operation.

6. Clean up the blockage in the pipeline of the liquid ring vacuum pump equipment in time: foreign matter left in the inlet pipe, impeller or guide shell runner will reduce the water output of the water ring vacuum pump.

7. Prevent the intake of liquid ring vacuum pump and air, and the water output will be significantly reduced. The sealing parts should be inspected to find out the problems and solve them in time.

8. Using direct transmission of coupling instead of flat belt can improve the transmission efficiency of water ring vacuum pump.

9. Eliminate the “anti-aircraft gun” type outlet pipe, which will increase the energy consumption of liquid ring vacuum pump.

The above energy-saving methods of liquid ring vacuum pump can save energy by reducing resistance or short working distance, but the premise of energy-saving is not to destroy the normal operation of equipment.

The advantages of the best liquid ring vacuum pump are: simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation, convenient use, strong durability, can extract corrosive gases, gases containing dust and gas-water mixture. The optimum temperature of the extracted gas is 20 ~40 C.

Among them, 2SK liquid ring vacuum pump is a double-acting liquid ring vacuum pump with high efficiency. The working gas temperature ranges from – 10 C to + 40 C. The liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used for vacuum drying and dehydration in various industrial departments, especially in vacuum systems requiring cleanliness and oil-free, gas extraction process with a large amount of water vapor overflow, and vacuum filtration in coal washery and concentrator.

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