vaccum pump for vapour oil

As a basic gas extraction equipment, vacuum pump has a wide range of applications in all walks of life. In addition, there are many types of vacuum pump. No matter in life or production process, the vacuum pump is loved by people. The fields involved include plastic machinery, pesticide chemical industry, dye chemical industry, brick and tile machinery, low-temperature equipment, paper-making machinery, pharmaceutical chemical industry, food machinery, industrial furnace, electronics Industry, vacuum equipment, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mining, foundation treatment and many other fields, because of its simple and compact structure, insensitive to dust and water vapor in the extracted gas, it plays an important role in the oil industry’s extraction steam process, leading you to understand the application of vacuum pump in oil vapor.

vaccum pump for vapour oil advantages:

1. Be able to handle a large number of condensable gas or volatile gas.

2. The extracted steam will not be condensed in the pump, reducing the corrosion to the metal surface.

3. Oil pollution is avoided, oil change times are greatly reduced, and operation cost is significantly reduced.

4. The performance degradation caused by oil pollution is eliminated.

5. It can maintain low working pressure in wet process.


The simplest vacuum system can only obtain the vacuum degree in the range of low vacuum in the pumped container. When it is necessary to obtain the vacuum degree in the range of high vacuum, a high vacuum pump is usually connected in series in the vacuum system. When a high vacuum pump is connected in series, valves are usually added at the inlet and outlet of the high vacuum pump respectively, so that the high vacuum pump can keep vacuum independently. If the high vacuum pump in series is an oil diffusion pump, in order to prevent a large amount of oil vapor from flowing back into the pumped container, a water-cooled baffle is usually added at the inlet of the oil diffusion pump. According to the requirements, we can also add dust remover, vacuum relay gauge head, vacuum soft connection pipe, vacuum pump inlet vent valve, etc. in the pipeline, thus forming a relatively perfect high vacuum system.

The beneficial effect of vacuum pump application in steam treatment plant is that it can fully collect and absorb the evaporated steam and avoid the waste of solvent. It is an effective way and device to realize green chemical production. In addition, the design is reasonable, which can ensure the maximum recovery of evaporation solvent, at the same time, through the triple absorption of alkali liquor tank, acid liquor tank and solid adsorption material, can effectively avoid the solvent pollution to the atmosphere. The structure is reasonable, the production and maintenance cost is low, and the maintenance is simple.

The application of vacuum pump in oil and steam is a high-tech environmental protection and energy-saving solution independently developed by our company, which is used to absorb and filter the organic waste gas discharged in the industrial production process, and can turn the organic matter in the waste gas into liquid for recycling. According to the different types, concentrations and working conditions of the processed organic gas, the adsorption recovery efficiency is up to 95-98%. The application of vacuum pump in oil steam is to improve the utilization rate of energy and reduce the economic loss, so as to obtain considerable benefit return.

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