High pumping speed screw vacuum pump

Screw vacuum pump detailed instructions

High pumping speed screw vacuum pump

50L/S screw vacuum pump oil-free dry screw pump used in chemical industry high pumping speed

1.  50 L/S pumping speed screw vacuum pump its ultimate pressure is 0.02/0.01mbar, 0.015/0.0075torr

2/1pa, the matching power is 5.5/7.5

2. Oil-free design of screw vacuum pump for chemical industry

(1) adopt the configuration method to improve stability, with stable and reliable performance

(2) a special muffler has been developed, which has a good muffler effect and is easy to clean and drain

(3) the low-mounted structure of bottom exhaust and muffler can ensure the smooth discharge of foreign matters in the pump, prevent liquid accumulation and deposition in the pump cavity, and ensure the feasibility of daily maintenance measures of the pump.

(4) equipped with a complete daily maintenance system and formulated corresponding protection measures for various harmful factors, which can effectively reduce the harmfulness of harmful factors, reduce faults and improve the stability of the pump

(5) the surface of the rotor has anti-corrosion coating, which can greatly improve the surface hardness and anti-corrosion ability of the rotor, improve the wear resistance of the rotor, and extend the service life of the rotor.

Dry screw vacuum pump features:

1. Clean vacuum can be obtained without lubricating oil in the working chamber:

2. There is no oil and gas pollution in the working chamber to be pumped out, the recovery rate of process gas is high, the tail gas treatment is convenient, and the emission of oil and gas and oil smoke is avoided. Small environmental pollution

3. No lubricating oil exists in the working chamber to avoid the operation fault caused by emulsification and deterioration of lubricating oil, improve the stability of the system, and reduce the loss of lubricating oil in the pump

4. The pump has a wide range of application, with protective coating on the surface of the pump chamber and the spiral rotor, which can adapt to harsh working conditions. The pump chamber is a gap sealing structure, which is not sensitive to a small number of small particles of dust, and the dust is not easy to deposit in the pump chamber.High pumping speed screw vacuum pump.

5. The body is not compressed in the pump chamber, and the temperature in the pump chamber is above 100 ° c when the pump works, making condensable gas not easy to condense, and the pump chamber is a straight through structure, the exhaust port is at the bottom of the pump chamber, the sundries in the pump chamber are easy to discharge, so it is suitable to extract condensable gas

6. The pump can be used alone or combined with roots pump and molecular pump to form an oil-free vacuum unit, which can be used as the front stage pump of the unit. The single pump air inlet pressure can work positively at 1pa to atmospheric pressure, with high extraction efficiency, which can greatly simplify the vacuum pumping system

7. The screw pump needs to maintain a higher temperature when working, and the efficiency of natural heat dissipation on the surface of the pump is improved when working, and the temperature difference between the cooling water and the pump is large, so the cooling water consumption is small, the temperature difference between the cooling water and the pump is large, and the temperature of the cooling water is low.High pumping speed screw vacuum pump.

8. All parts in the pump cavity adopt gap sealing, no contact friction exists between parts, small loss of parts, long life, high pump speed, small size of the whole machine,

9. Screw pump simple structure, parts, the number of small, maintenance square

10. Fast start, small start current, small impact on the power grid

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