Roots vacuum pump in ready-to-eat apricot mushroom

Roots vacuum pump in ready-to-eat pleurotus edodes of practical application

At present, the market of pleurotus edodes is mainly fresh marketing, storage time is short; Its processing products are mainly dry goods or canned goods, the product is relatively single, with pleurotus edodes as the main material snacks varieties are very few. In the traditional ready-to-eat production of pleurotus edodes, there will be serious nutrient loss, complicated process, long processing time and high cost. In view of the above problems existing in the current processing of pleurotus edodes, dongguan punnock vacuum technology co., ltd. provides a kind of ready-to-eat pleurotus edodes with high nutritional value, crisp taste, strong aroma and attractive color and its production method, which is the practical application of roots vacuum pump in ready-to-eat pleurotus edodes.

Roots vacuum pump in ready-to-eat apricot mushroom

Apricot abalone mushroom, also known as parsley, is a rare edible fungus with pleasant almond fragrance and abalone taste. The stalk of the mushroom is thick, crisp and tender texture, dense and firm tissue, milky white color, so it is also known as “oyster king”, “dried oyster mushroom”, deeply loved by people. It is rich in nutrition and contains many active components such as polysaccharides, polypeptides, phenols and trehalose. It has the functions of anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, lowering blood fat, relieving osteoporosis and moistening intestines and stomach.

At present in addition to fresh food, apricot abalone mushroom is also processed into enema, crisp pieces, abalone mushroom sauce, dried mushroom, soft canned food.

Drying is an important technological process in the processing of ready-to-eat pleurotus edodes. The drying process is directly related to the taste quality and storage stability of ready-to-eat pleurotus edodes. Hot air drying products wrinkle degree, easy to brown, nutrition loss serious; The vacuum drying rate is slow, difficult to drain moisture, and the drying load of the equipment is large. Roots vacuum pump drying technology is one of the research hotspots of drying technology at present. There is no lubricating oil in the cavity, and it has stable exhaust performance for steam, solvent and other gases. It can operate under high suction pressure and has the characteristics of maximum retention of the original quality and color of the material.

Roots vacuum pump features:

1. Motor diversity

Each pump motor can be cooled by air or water to ensure the normal use of customers

The whole pump is made of aluminum alloy or cast iron to realize the advantages of fast heat dissipation and strong corrosion resistance

2. Simple structure and convenient maintenance

The rotor profile makes the pump design more compact by carefully designing the arc rotor for production

Pumping effect is more prominent, compared with other manufacturers of the same level pumping speed has greatly improved

It’s also very easy to maintain and very cheap to maintain

3. High clean vacuum

Roots pump chamber without any chemical reaction with the air medium

Ensure that the exhaust gas is not contaminated by secondary, to achieve a high clean vacuum

4. Universal pump booster pump

Roots pump also known as booster pump, can be with screw pump, release pump, water ring pump, slide valve pump

Molecular pumps and other pumps composed of pumps, greatly improve the pumping rate and vacuum

Under normal circumstances can be more than 10 times the vacuum!

In terms of sterilization, roots vacuum pump has the best effect in the practical application of ready-to-eat pleurotus edodes, which can extend the shelf life, which can better maintain the color, texture, physical and chemical quality of the product. To sum up, the roots vacuum pump is the best way to extend the shelf life and guarantee the product quality. The processing time is short, the product quality is good, the water content is low, the shelf life is long.

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