Oil-free screw blowers are used in the production of masks

Why should oil-free screw blower be used in mask production?

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been spreading in various countries. The protective mask is also in short supply. As everyone knows, the main material of the respirator is melted spray cloth. Melt blown fabric is drafting with high speed hot air flow to melt the polymer soluble stream extruded by the spinneret hole, thus forming the fibers and collecting them on the screen or roller, and forming itself into melted nonwoven fabric, and in this case, the melt is also used to form the melt. In the production process, the melt blown cloth blower (oil-free screw blower) plays an important role.

Oil-free screw blowers are used in the production of masks

What are the advantages of screw blower in the production of meltblown cloth?

① Compared with other types of fans, the screw fan is oil-free, which can ensure the high cleanliness of air source;

② It can save 25% energy than ordinary fan;

③ The exhaust temperature is low, the noise is low, the bearing design is stable (it can run more than 6000 hours even under full load operation), and the power fluctuation is guaranteed to be minimum under different temperatures (summer or winter);

④ Compact design, with belt drive, can be installed outdoors side by side, convenient for oil level inspection and lubricating oil refilling during operation;

⑤ The flow control range is 25% – 100%. Therefore, our meltblown cloth blower (oil-free screw blower) can well replace roots blower, provide continuous and stable high-temperature, high-speed and high-pressure hot air flow for “meltblown cloth” production, greatly reduce production energy consumption, greatly reduce production costs, and accelerate the production of meltblown cloth, the core material of mouth cover.

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