Vacuum Pumps: Uses and Applications

Vacuum pumps are widely used

Vacuum pump is often called intelligent vacuum instrument, table vacuum pump, active vacuum pump, portable vacuum pump. The vacuum degree required in practical work can be adjusted, and the integrated digital LCD panel can be set to display the vacuum degree value in real time. Flow can carry out fine adjustment; Equipped with high sensitivity imported sensor, high quality flow conditioning valve and fine control circuit, to end the active conditioning function, greatly saves the developer’s time, built-in low interference, long life of the micro-vacuum pump; Cooperate with sound elimination system and independent shock absorption system to ensure the long time and reliable operation of the intelligent vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump is very widely used, reciprocating vacuum pump and variety of complex, so in the selection should pay attention to what questions?
1, vacuum pump operation occurred during the oscillation of the technical process and the environment has no impact. If the technical process does not allow, should be selected without oscillating pump or a variety of vacuum pump to adopt anti-oscillation methods.
2, know the composition of the gas, gas containing condensable steam, no dust particles, no corrosive, etc. When selecting a vacuum pump, the need to know the composition of the gas, for the gas selected corresponding pump. If the gas contains steam, particles, and corrosive gas, probably think in the pump inlet pipe line device auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, dust remover.
3, the vacuum pump in its operating pressure, should be able to drain the vacuum equipment in the process of all the gas.
4, the correct combination of vacuum pump. Because of selective pumping, therefore, sometimes choose a pump pumping demand, demand several pump combination, mutual compensation ability satisfied pumping demand.
5. The demand of vacuum equipment for oil pollution. If the equipment is in severe need of no oil, probably choose a variety of no oil pump, such as: molecular sieve adsorption pump, cryogenic pump. If the demand is not severe, add some anti-oil pollution methods, such as cold trap, baffle, oil trap, etc., can also reach the cleaning vacuum demand.
6, the correct selection of vacuum pump operating point. Each pump has a certain operating pressure scale, in such a wide pressure scale, pump speed with pressure and change, its stable operating pressure scale. Therefore, the pump operating point is probably selected in this scale is more suitable, and can not allow long time operation.

Vacuum pumps are devices that occur, improve, and maintain a vacuum in a closed space by various means. Vacuum pump can be defined as: the use of mechanical, chemical means of vacuum of equipment or equipment. With the development of vacuum application, many varieties of vacuum pumps have been developed, and their pumping speed ranges from hundreds of thousands of liters per second to millions of liters per second. According to the operating principle of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump can basically two types, namely, gas transfer pump and gas capture pump. With vacuum applied technology in the field of production and scientific research demand for its scale is more and more wide, most demand is made up of several kinds of vacuum pump vacuum extraction system after extraction with talents satisfied the demand of the production and scientific research process, due to the vacuum using part of the scale of the operation pressure has been reached is very wide, so any type a variety of vacuum pump can not completely applies to all job stress scale, can only be based on different job stress scale and different job requirements, using different types of vacuum pump.

Common Vacuum Pump

SV rotary vane vacuum pumpZJP roots vacuum pump

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